Principal's Corner

You’ve got tomato sauce on your clothes!


When my wife asks me, “How do I look?” My response is invariably the same - “You look great!”.  It is always a very safe response! However, it is important to tell people whether there is tomato sauce on their clothes so they can fix it.


We need you to tell us whether we have tomato sauce on our clothes too!  


If you see something in the College that you have a great idea about or you have a way to fix something in the College, then we would greatly appreciate your voice.  You might have an idea about homework, uniform, carparks, or gardens. You might even just want to ask a question. Please click on this link below and fill out the form.  This form will be viewed weekly at our Leadership meetings and then feedback given accordingly.


Thanks for your help to make Heritage College an even better place for your children!


Mr Sonny Aiono