Attendance Report 

Dear Parents and Carers,


Here are some more helpful tips to support your child with building their attendance at Melton West Primary School;


Extracurricular activities and social connections 

- Encourage meaningful extracurricular activities that your child enjoys, such as sports and clubs, to develop positive relationships and experience success outside of a classroom setting. These activities can help your child feel part of the group, important to the school, and more motivated.


Family holidays & appointments

- Try to schedule hair, dental or medical appointments around your child’s school hours. Arrange family holidays during scheduled school holidays so that students don’t miss out on classes and feel left behind.

- If it is necessary to be absent from school for an extended period, arrange with your school for a Student Absence Learning Plan.


School policies & monitoring attendance

- Familiarise yourself with our school’s attendance policy. This can help when trying to reason with your child who is resisting going to school.

- Monitor your child’s attendance and school performance. Regularly check in with their teachers to find out how things are going. You can do this easily on our parent friendly, mobile friendly Class Dojo App. 


Homework & assignments

- If your child wants to stay home to finish an assignment, rather than letting them stay home, expect them to go to school – make attendance the number one priority. Later, you can discuss with them how they can improve their study habits or adjust their schedule. Your child’s teacher can assist you with putting a good routine in place to ensure they are regularly reading books they enjoy and completing learning tasks on time. 



Kind Regards,

Aira Agarano  

Engagement and Attendance Officer