Assistant Principal Report 

Dear Parents and Carers, 


Teachers are currently in the process of gathering data, moderating work and discussing goals and achievements with students as part of their pre-work for writing reports. 


Schools are required to formally report student achievement and progress to parents/carers at least twice per school year for each student enrolled at the school. The report must be a written report (print or digital), be in an accessible form and be easy for parents/carers to understand. We must report directly against the Victorian Curriculum F-10 achievement standards.


Both student achievement and progress is included in the report. This includes providing a teacher judgement against the achievement standards, assigned as a score that accurately reflects where each student is along the relevant learning continuum for all curriculum areas taught during the reporting period.  This means that for the curriculum area taught, the report includes:

  • a teacher judgement(s)
  • an indication of progress since the curriculum area was last reported on
  • a five-point scale.


An age-related scale is not required for all other curriculum areas, including EAL, and for students with disability and/or additional needs. In these cases, another kind of scale is used (a scale developed around learning goals and expected progress.)


Opportunities are provided for parents/carers and students to discuss the school report with teachers. 


We look forward to seeing you early in term 3 to discuss your child’s progress.


Kind regards

Jennifer O’Connor

Assistant Principal.