Mission News

Mr Luke McMahon

Reflection for the Beginning of the Year

Welcome to 2022 – the Sesquicentenary of Marist Education in Australia 

2022 marks the arrival at Sydney Cove of the first four Marist Brothers sent to Australia to begin Marist Education 150 years ago. They arrived at the request of local Bishops focussed on establishing a Catholic Education system following the passing of the Public Schools Act of 1866 which had declared schooling to be “free, compulsory and secular”. Their leader was a Frenchman, Br Ludovic Laboureyras, and he was accompanied by another young Frenchman, an Irishman and a Scot. Supported by the Marist Fathers, the Brothers began the first Marist school, at St Patrick’s at Church Hill in The Rocks, quite near what is now the southern pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. With 139 children enrolled on opening day in 1872 school life was initially chaotic, the ill-disciplined children of largely poor Irish immigrants taking exception to the demands of the classroom and these “foreign” teachers. Over time, of course, order was established and thus began one of the most significant influences on Catholic education in this country.


The Sesquicentenary year is a time for celebrating our Marist mission of making Jesus Christ known and loved among young people and especially the most neglected. At various of our assemblies and liturgies throughout the year our own Marist College community will reflect upon the Marist story in Australia, to recognise the many blessings bestowed upon us and to be encouraged to continue our mission through the actions and witness of our own lives. In next week’s newsletter, the Marist theme and image for 2022 will be promoted and explained. Welcome to Marist College Ashgrove 2022.  

Prayer for our College

As a school community, we pray: 


As we begin the new year, we thank God for the blessings we have received through our family and friends and by being here at this school. Help us to recognise the dignity and worth of every person, including those who are strangers or are different to us. 
We ask God to bless our teachers and staff who work tirelessly to provide us with a quality education. We pray for Marist schools all over the country, and give thanks to the generations of Marist Brothers and teachers who have devoted their lives to the care and wellbeing of students over the past 150 years. 
We pray for the world and for the many people continuing to suffer due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Help our community and government leaders to strive for justice and peace where it is most needed. 
And we pray for each other, to be kind and compassionate, tender-hearted and forgiving. To recognise that Christ is in each of us and we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Amen. 


Marist Litany 

Mary Our Good Mother... pray for us 
St Marcellin Champagnat... pray for us 
St Mary of the Cross MacKillop... pray for us 
And may we always remember... to pray for one another. 


We pray for all in our community who are sick or suffering. 

  • Ellie Kenny’s father who is in hospital after an accident.
  • For Hector Ortiz, husband to Sharon Ortiz and father to Aiden Ortiz (OB 2021) and Zack Ortiz (10R), who is unwell and has been hospitalised for the second time in the last couple of months.

We pray for those called home to heaven especially:

  • Neil Kitto, Ellie Kenny’s father in law
  • For the Marist College Bendigo community after the death of a recently graduated student.

We pray with joy for:

  • Teacher Ellie Kenny who got married over the Christmas break.
  • Head of Primary Liam Beatty who also got married over the Christmas break.
  • Teacher Callum Clark who got engaged over the Christmas Break.
  • Teacher Andrew Fogarty and his wife who welcomed daughter Camilla into the world in December. 
  • Services staff Heather Ryan who welcomed a grandson into the world in December.

May our loving God, with Mary and Champagnat, walk with all members of the Marist family. Amen

Tuesday Morning Reconciliation

Students, parents, staff and other members of the College community are welcome to participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Fr Tini is available every Tuesday morning in the College Chapel.

Wednesday Morning Community Mass 

Students, parents, staff and other members of the College community are warmly invited to Mass on Wednesday mornings in the College Chapel (every week during term time). Mass commences at 8:00am.

Mission Team 2022

The Mission Team welcomes Staff, Students and Families to the school year. In 2022 the Mission Team comprises:









Head of Mission

Mr Luke McMahon









College Chaplain

Fr Alatini Kolofo’ou sm









Head of Religious Education

Dr Danielle Lynch









Campus Minister

Mrs Mena McLean









Youth Minister

Mr Adam Burns








Administration Assistant

Mrs Liz Spry


The task of the Mission Team is to animate prayer and liturgy across the College, to provide opportunities for faith formation through Christian service and solidarity experiences, and to lead students to know and learn about what it is to be Christian, Catholic and Marist.


As Marists, let us live with the open and trusting faith of Mary as we face the often uncertain and unpredictable times in our lives. Like Mary, let our lives be open to wherever the Spirit will lead us, trusting an unknown future to a known God.  Let us be people of faith who know the presence of God and like St Marcellin, let us live every day conscious that God is part of our world and desires to be known and experienced in our lives, as we are ‘known and loved’ and as we strive to uphold, restore and defend the dignity of all.

MATES Ministry 

The MATES Story

Marist College Ashgrove has a proud history of outreach to others, often with a particular focus on the vulnerable and marginalized. We have at the College a social justice program called MATES.  This stands for Marists are taking everyone seriously (MATES) and is about the dignity of all people regardless of the circumstances of their lives. It encompasses all the social justice community-based activities undertaken at the College.



Pre-Covid students were encouraged to sign up for a number of volunteer activities and agency visits organised by the College Mission team, understandably the program was significantly curtailed by the COVID pandemic as so much of what we do is with groups and communities that are most vulnerable. I encourage you to keep an eye on our newsletter and for your sons to engage with pastoral leaders and the Mission team as opportunities become available in safe ways. 


MATES is ultimately part of our holistic approach to education - part of what we do as Marists - making Jesus known and loved, through right relationships and dignity for all. 

Game Changers Youth Ministry Program

Game Changers is a National Catholic youth ministry program for students in Marist schools from Years 7-12. It seeks to form Christian leaders by making Jesus known and loved among them. Highlighted by a strong sense of family spirit and community, regular meetings, faith formation experiences and service opportunities, students are invited to become game changers through their participation in the youth group.


To register for Game Changers, or for more information, please email Adam Burns (Youth Minister): burnsa@marash.qld.edu.au.

Vinnies Christmas Appeal Vote of Thanks 

Our thanks to all families, students and staff who supported the Christmas appeal, small things make a big difference.