Principal's News

Dear Parents, Carers and Community Members,


Where has the term gone?


It’s the end of week 9 ......... in two short weeks we will be heading off on our Christmas break.  In my first term of being Principal of Point Cook College I have been impressed by the wonderful staff,  hard-working students and committed parents.  I have had the privilege of being part of the Remembrance Day service, 10 Year birthday celebration, 3/4 concert, the book launch of, “Words With Wings”, PCC talent show, whole school fun run, parent and community helpers afternoon tea and two House celebrations.  I am in awe of all that has happened in one short term.


This week the College Council have signed the canteen contract with H&H Canteens.  We are so excited about the fact that we will have a fully operational canteen in 2020.  More information about the menu and how to order will be available in the last week of this term.


We are also excited to announce that 450 secondary school lockers will be arriving in the week before school starts next year.  I know our secondary students are excited about using lockers.  I have spoken to a number of students about the establishment of a Product Design space next year.  They are really excited to hear about the high tech machinery, including laser cutters and plasma cutters that we are currently having installed.  This program will be accessible to all secondary students.  We are also experimenting with the introduction of a second language next year.  As of Term 1, 2020 some of our primary students will have the opportunity to learn Japanese.  This is always a popular language, as many people are enthralled by Japanese culture, food, Taiko drumming, manga and anime.


If you haven’t checked your Compass post about School Charges, please do so.  We have a great value offer available for purchase.  Primary families who have paid their charges can purchase Mathletics, Reading Eggs and Ready Writer on line programs for $18 and secondary families who have paid their charges can purchase Mathletics for just $10.  Usually these programs will cost in excess of $100 each. Please contact the office for further information.


We are in the process of finalising staffing for 2020.  Final staffing will be announced in the last week of school.  We have already secured some amazing teachers and leaders who will add great value to the already dedicated staff here at PCC.


Finally I would like to inform families that to meet the conditions of the Victorian Government School Agreement, under which our staff work, we will be extending the length of lunch-time in 2020.  Our students will have a longer time in the yard, which will provide additional time to visit the canteen, play and participate in structured activities.  To accommodate this change we will be changing the start time of the day.  Commencing 2020, students will be expected to arrive 10 minutes earlier.  The school day will commence at 8:30 when students enter the classroom.  Instruction will commence at 8:40. There will be no change to the finishing times.


Enjoy the last two weeks of the school year.  A final newsletter will be published on the last day of school.


Yours sincerely,


Mandy O’Mara

College Principal