Principal's message

Dear Parents/Carers,


What frosty mornings we've had this week but we've also seen some sunshine coming through. This gave 3/4D the opportunity to put all their hard work and practice together to create a basketball routine lead by Mr Pattison. If you haven't had the opportunity yet please go to our Facebook page and check it out.



Thank-you to Clinton Brown,  Jaymen Fletcher and Nick Traill for all their hard work leading up to the working bee on Saturday. They collected and moved large rocks generously donated by Graham Mollenoyux, to border the new sandpit. 

There were challenging weather conditions early but it cleared and it was very pleasing to see a small but robust group of parents, staff and students move sand and bark and complete a general tidy up.

We could not have completed the work without those who attended, it is very much appreciated. 

A special mention goes to Clinton Brown who co-ordinated the working bee and who along with those on the buildings and grounds sub-committee have excellent plans for our great school. The students are loving their new sandpit.



What an amazing experience Somers Camp was for our students and staff who were fortunate enough to attend over the past 9 days.

Parents are often very surprised how much this camp does for their child’s self-esteem and growth. Well done to all of our students for a fantastic commitment.

Equally committed were our very dedicated staff members who attended, Steph Hann, Kuj Williams, Jane McMeel and April-Lee Stutchbury.




We are very concerned about the safety of our students transiting to and from school. Please ensure your children always cross at the crossings provided as Jamieson Street between the round- about and Queens Road hill is an incredibly busy area particularly after school. 

There are three large schools converging on the area so it's more important more than ever that we instruct our students to walk that bit further to cross the road in safety. We simply cannot afford to have any student put into an unsafe situation around traffic. 

Please ensure that you discourage them from crossing at inappropriate points along Jamieson Street in particular. Thank you for your cooperation with this important matter.



Phoenix Cafe will be coming on board as our lunch order supplier. There are still some details to work out but we do have the menu below for you all to look at. As soon as we are open for orders we will let you know.




We were warned that Covid and influenza would peak in July and August and we are certainly seeing this at school. Many students and staff are unwell at present and we know that only time and rest can assist in most cases. Please ensure your child does not attend if they are unwell and utilise the Rapid Antigen Tests provided to determine if the symptoms are due to Covid. A minimum of seven days isolation is required if Covid positive and all positive results should be reported.

The State Government announced that three lots of Rapid Antigen Tests will be distributed to students in Term 3 and 4. These will be distributed as soon as the school receives them.

These are very challenging times but it won’t last forever and we thank all our students and parents/carers for their assistance during this time.



To re-iterate the message received earlier this week from the Educational Leaders of the Department of Education and Training, Independent Schools and the Catholic Education Office, masks are strongly recommended indoors for all students 8 years and above. 




With the colder months upon us we have some excellent cold weather options as part of our school uniform. Wearing the school uniform provides students with a sense of community and belonging and encourages them to develop pride in their appearance. We encourage all students to wear their uniforms to school as described in our policy which is below.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Peter Lee