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World’s Greatest Shave

World’s Greatest Shave, one of Nossal’s annual traditions, once again happened this year on Thursday 4 August during lunchtime. 


The weeks of planning definitely paid off as Nossal students were able to spend the lunchtime messing around with some funky hairstyles and laughing away with their friends - a great shoutout to Cameron Cooper, Chinmay Sawant, Farhan Andalib, Gabriel Renison, Moumal Al-Saady and Wilson Qin (our volunteers who participated on the day), and especially to our Facilities Manager Jason Bell, who also ended up getting a haircut because of Ms Webster’s shaving demonstration!


Whilst we faced a few obstacles such as students not wanting to show up to the upcoming Year 11 Ball with a bald head, we were ultimately successful, receiving donations from shavers, event entry donations and online donations raising a total of $436.65. This will be going towards the fundraiser ‘World’s Greatest Shave’ which aims to raise funds towards Leukemia, blood cancer awareness and research. 


The day was a great success, and it was only possible thanks to Ms Ward, Ms Webster, and Jason for taking time out prior to the event to help ensure it could be run smoothly. Ultimately, another successful World’s Great Shave fundraiser was completed, and we look forward to the 2023 World’s Great Shave to be held next year! 

Nossal's Got Talent presented by MUGHS

 Every NGT round I stepped into the gym building, my skin tingling with a frisson of excitement, as I stood in the queue to the entrance. Above me loomed a sign declaring, “MUGHS Nossal’s Got Talent!” Shimmering black and silver curtains had been placed in front of the doorway, beckoning me into a blissful trance, evoking feelings of entering a banquet hall. Mindlessly, I dropped a coin into the box, as the mellifluous piano opening act enticed me in.   


The hosts, Neriah Morales and Serena Shao, brought flavour to the meal of their own; their jocular and captivating personalities led a seamless performance; the event had been set out stylishly. One by one, each performer succeeded in dazzling the audience. Aadhi K entertained the audience with freestyle dance,  Chenumi G brought fabulous vocals,  Alex W combined his magnificent singing with his trombone playing,  Cynthia L sang beautifully as always,  Jonathan C showcased his piano skills, and Megan P arrived with her stunning voice. On Day 1, each brought their talents to the table, where they were judged by none other than Ms Webster, Mr Clark and Ms Young.   


On the second day, we were further entranced by the next round of acts, including Evalyn B and Thiyesha H, who brought a euphonious vocal duet, and Meenakshi R, who mesmerized us all with her fantastic K-dance cover. Marion Liew showcased a heartfelt piano and vocal duet. Sai K and Adarsh M performed a captivating duet, and Matthew & Co (a band consisting of Jonathan G, Matthew C, Rooney H, and Ziquan G) offered a multi-instrument and vocal performance. The event was introduced and concluded by hosts Eric Yang and Radin Tobari.  


This was continued on the third day, hosted by Serena Shao and Saalaar Changezi, who introduced us to Isabel G’s exquisite singing, RJ + Log’s (Arjunen S and Sai J) rap, Adrian S on Piano, 7 Star Michelin’s enthralling dance medley, and Esther S’s breathtaking singing.   


The finale presented us wtih a lovely dessert complement to the phenomenal main course; with grand finalists Marion Liew, Esther Sarvananthan, 7 Star Michelin (Lenny, Noah, Anna, Aisha, Saki, Sahana, Rishita) and Evalyn and Thiyesha who sang in duet.  This round’s judging panel comprised Mr Page, Ms Mackin, Mr Clark and Ms Villiers, who we were very grateful to see, and the event was hosted by our returning Round 1 hosts, Serena and Neriah. 


All in all, this MUGHS event was a massive success, with $770.45 being raised! The event was enjoyed by audience members and performers alike. As finalist Marion Liew observed


“It was such a pleasure participating in NGT! Everyone was so encouraging and although I was nervous during my round, everyone encouraged me and said as long as I tried my best everything would be okay. I was surprised when I first saw the NGT setup because it was amazing with the decorations and the lighting. Thank you to all the organisers for making this such an awesome event! If you have been considering participating in NGT and haven't yet at Nossal because you have been too nervous, I urge you to sign up next year for this amazing experience!”  


MUGHS’ design team member, Dimanthi A, felt “really excited and proud to see all our planning coming together” and this is for good reason. Our club, MUGHS, or Melbourne University Global Health Society, is built on the ethos “think globally, act locally” in terms of educating and acting to improve global health. This year, our annual theme is combatting malnutrition, and NGT was initiated to raise funds for FareShare, a charity kitchen in Melbourne to which all profits were donated. Our team truly succeeded in this goal. A special thank you to Callie Chan and Khuushi Mongia, who are our student leaders and the forces behind this event, as well as Ms Loel, our teacher representative. 


Lavanya Jyothis  

MUGHS Communications Member

Year 9

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