Sir Gustav Nossal

A Community Arts Project

It has been a while since we were able to publish an update on the Community Arts project that will see a life-sized bronze statue of Sir Gustav Nossal commissioned and sited at the school.


In the time that has passed, a lot of work has continued to be done. One important milestone was reached when the decision was made to employ the services of Gillie and Marc to create the piece. Gillie and Marc have been responsible for many great sculptures around the world, including some that seem particularly well suited to our vision. We have said previously that Sir Gus has always welcomed the opportunity to sit and discuss ideas and issues, and have designed our “Sir Gus” as a representation of him seated in the school’s forecourt, ready to talk to students, staff and visitors. A sculpture of David Syme in a similar pose can be seen on the Gillie and Marc website by following this link:


David Syme (Bronze Sculpture) – Gillie and Marc AU


Other historical statues produced by them can be seen on this page:


Historical Custom Statues – Gillie and Marc AU


I am also pleased to report that through the generous contributions made by families and others associated with the school, we are approximately 30% of the way to achieving our goal of $90,000.


Thank you to all who have already donated, and we ask that you to spread the word throughout the community about our project to recognise one of Australia’s Living Legends and former Australian of the Year, Sir Gustav Nossal.


The team looking after the project have commenced talking to groups and businesses in the community about making contributions to the Arts Fund and we hope to have some further announcements to be made in coming editions of the newsletter. But for now, you can keep up to date with the progress of the project by visiting our dedicated website at  


Keith Butler

Project Coordinator