Around the Classrooms


Welcome to the Art Room for 2021. We’re hopefully back to school for enough time for our paint to dry!!! The students at St. Andrew’s have settled well into their art classes and are very enthusiastic to apply their artistic skills to their projects. 



The Preps have already made their artworks to commemorate the Chinese New Year for 2021 ‘The Year of the Ox’. They have also painted some yummy ice-creams to finish off our summer season. They have been practising their skills of cutting, pasting, mixing paints and collage work. 




The Years 1/2 have been looking at various feelings and emotions and depicting them in their various drawings and paintings. 



Year 3/4 have also been creating paintings to depict certain emotions and memories they feel when listening to certain music. 



Year 5/6 helped make a beautiful display for our school entrance to show our diversity using tracings of their own hands to depict our school message of ‘St. Andrew’s Kids Learning, Faith and Hope inspired’. We also look forward to doing some Easter artwork in the weeks ahead.


Cathy Bartlett - Art teacher




ClassSwim LessonBus Pick up time
3/4C1.10  - 1.50pm12.55pm
3/4P1.10 - 1.50pm12.55pm
3/4DW1.50 - 2.30pm1.35pm
3/4S1.50 - 2.30pm1.35pm