Deutsch für die Zukunft

(German for the Future)


Schultüten for Foundation


The Foundation students have settled in very well to their first German lessons, as have our new students to the school. It is exciting to hear them begin to use the German language for the very first time!


What an exciting day it was for our Foundation students on Thursday, 11th March when they received their ‘Schultüten’ from their Level 5 and 6 Buddies!


A ‘Schultüte’ is a colourfully decorated cone, filled with stationery items and small gifts, which all German children receive on their first day of school.



It is ‘fantastisch’ to provide this special German tradition to all Foundation students at Rangeview. Thank you to the Level 5 and 6 Buddies who have assisted with decorating and presenting the cones to their new Buddies.


We trust your child thoroughly enjoyed receiving their ‘Schultüte’ and would like to thank our Foundation parents for supporting this special event, by providing the items for their child’s ‘Schultüte’.





Viel Spaß und Vergnügen!


Should you have any queries about how to best support your child’s German language development, we would love to hear from you on the Sentral Parent Portal.


Frau Ulrike Lindner                       Frau Megan Taylor                       Frau Sophia Kent