Level 5/6


Level 5/6 have had a very exciting and busy couple of weeks. In class we are continuing with the focus of narrative stories and have been learning a variety of things in Math’s. Including volume and working with angles and protractors.


There has been a lot of excitement with the announcement of cast and crew for the school production this year. We are thrilled to be doing the show called “The Amazing Adventures of Superstan.” The students all did a fantastic job auditioning for the roles. This will be such a memorable experience for students. 


Some very lucky Grade 6’s also got to visit Heathmont College for the Heathmont Sports Academy Day. They had a fantastic day there and got to join in on some great activities. 


The Level 5’s and 6’s all joined in on the house cross country on Thursday. It was wonderful to see the students train for this event and give it their best on the day. Everyone had such a great time! A big congratulations to everyone that participated. 



The Level 5/6 team.