Kurt Jaragba (Forest Hill College) with Lorraine White


Enjoyment - noun

Excitement as the colours light up the beautiful blue sky.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet

Dancing with joy to see a big clear rainbow above me!

The rain had stopped at last then I could hear birds chirping again.

The sounds of nature to brighten us up like a special gift!

The rainbow felt like meeting a beloved one from heaven.


By Sheronica Snowy

Year 8 Firbank Grammar





As Easter approaches, we look back on Term One and the progress made by our MITS alumni.



Forest Hill College and our amazing and nurturing host families have supported MITS alumni with their transition back into Melbourne life and school life.  


The MITS alumni have taken the opportunity to join school sports academies – Liam attends Soccer academy and Isaiah, Kurt and Cliffton have joined the Footy academy.  This has meant the boys have had to be prepared the night before and be ready to go once they are at school.  Although a physical start to the day the boys enjoy academy and their attendance there has helped to increase friendships at school.



The boys continue to challenge themselves academically and are looking forward to completing a P.E. Common Assessment Task (CAT) in Term 2.  They are supported by key staff at Forest Hill College including Mr Chris (English), Webby (P.E.), Adrienne (Positive Education)  and Charlie (teacher trainee).


St Kevin’s College – Waterford Campus, Richmond.



Leo, Marley, Bruce, Antonio and Adam are now in Year nine and attending Waterford Campus in Richmond.  We get to see the boys regularly and it’s great to have them across the road from Lockington and, of course, back in the Richmond community.

They have grown so much since last year and they continue to shine.  We must thank our St Kevin’s host families for continuing to provide a safe and secure environment to support our confident young men.




Reihana Haggie

Pathways Coordinator


Alumni Boarding



It has been an amazing term in the Alumni Boarding House, with 18 students attending 5 partner schools. We have enjoyed catching up with the all of the alumni students at the MITS family BBQ at Fawkner Park, laser tag and arcade games with the Lockington crew, our own movie cinema for the morning with all of the Alumni girls and catching up with the KGI team.


Over the last few weeks we have been working hard during the RJFC pre-season training


and had Ruby, Rumarlea & Hazel start their netball season with their school teams. Everyone has been working well with their school work and trying their best in all of their subjects. Well done to all of the amazing young people in ABH, you are all superstars. 



Congratulations to the following students on getting the student voted end of term awards.

Kenita – Boarding MVP

Debbie – Respect award

Leah – Courage award

Pauline – Care Award

Pauline, Jocelyn, Kianna, Lesharnie & Leah for room of the term. 



Have a great holiday and we look forward to Term 2.


Rhiannan Parker

ABH Manager