Captain's Corner

Lailani Bransden and Malakai Wright

It has come to the end of Term 1 and so many good memories are popping into my mind now that Mr Brad has kindly requested that I name my most favourite things that have happened to me.


There were a lot of good things that have happened to me but my best thing is probably making good friends at MITS. If I didn’t have my friends to support me I would have no one to make my day and to enjoy all of these best moments with. 


Becoming captain from the start was a really good opportunity to grab. Running the assembly and helping others has made me feel happy. I remember my speech and everything that I have achieved this term. I feel really happy that I got the chance to be a captain. 


Other highlights are having a birthday milkshake, camp, watching the men's AFL play football and being interviewed by 7 news. 



I hope that so far I have made my family proud. Thank you to all of my family for supporting me and helping me get here when times get tough. If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t be here. I would also like to say a big thank you to teachers and staff for making me feel welcome and making me feel welcome at MITS.


Lailani Bransden

Term 1 Captain


When I got captain I had to make a good choice, I have had some ups and downs but MITS was a good choice. It has great teachers and they make sure you understand the work.



My favorite part of the term was Luke teaching me how to do a backflip and when I got to do a backflip I felt so happy. My other favorite part of the term was when we went to Camp Manyung, we played gaga and we went snorkeling.  



I know everyone in the school and I am good friends with all of them, they are very nice. The first term at MITS has a been great so far, I wonder what will happen next term and if people will already know what school they want to go to next year. I would like to see my family in the school holidays and we get to stop in Adelaide for a few minutes on the way home.


Malakai Wright

Term 1 Captain