Executive Director's Welcome


As Term 1 comes to a close we have reflected often about the joy that we’ve found in things that are “normal”.  After the challenges of 2020, “normality” is something that we’ve all craved and – when we’ve found it – relished.


This term, we’ve found joy in so many “normal” things: singing “Oh We’re from Tigerland” from the packed stands of the MCG in Round 1, welcoming new volunteers to our Induction evenings, gathering in Fawkner Park with our current and alumni students – a strong, connected community of over 80 young people.



And while we reflect on the joy of “normality”, we remember the challenge that our students and alumni take on through MITS is not normal.  Rather, it’s extraordinary!  Through this first term of the school year we’ve witnessed – as we do each year – the remarkable way in which our students form friendships, adapt to life in Melbourne and throw themselves with enthusiasm into their studies.



The term break provides a chance for a return to a different kind of normality: the comfort of home, time with family and the opportunity to rest at recharge before another big term in Melbourne.  To all in our MITS community, I wish you a very happy break.


Ed Tudor

Executive Director