From our Parents' Committee,

Dear Parents/Carers,


The Parents’ Committee leadership team would love to wish you a warm and happy holidays, and we will kick off term two with some exciting new initiatives and a proper introduction to the team. Meanwhile, please briefly welcome two new members of the crew, Anne Sophie Aguado (Treasurer) and Martine Inge (Vice Head Convenor). We’re thrilled they’ve joined us and are looking forward to the new term!


See you soon!

Lori, Amy, Valeria, Maria, Anne Sophie & Martine

Your PC Leadership Team 


Below, there are some roles that need to be filled.


Fundraising Coordinator(s)

Sponsorships for events & donations for auctions or raffles. 


Communications Coordinator 

Newsletter, website updates, flyers – schedule alerts and/or events to keep campaigns running smoothly and volunteer rosters full


Graphics Designer 

Brand identity – logo, fonts, colours, rules brand development, asset creation (flyers, document templates etc.)


Cake Stalls Coordinator - Helps organise volunteers to bake cakes for sale for end of term and grandparents & special friends’ bake sales.  Bastille Day Crepe Stall - Convenors - Liaise with Vice Head Convenor to organise volunteers required for this, distribute recipe, possibly a training class or video, and get crepes filled, set up and sell them. Rosh Hashanah Honey Cake Stall - Liaise with Vice Head Convenor to organise volunteers required for this, distribute recipe, set up, collect & sell cakes. 

Icy Poles

In the first week of term 2, we need four 6E and 6F parents for icy pole duty.  It's quick and easy, from 3.30pm - 3.45pm and your kids will get a real kick out of seeing you helping to make their friends smile.  If you can help, please contact your convenors as soon as possible. (Convenors below)

WEEK 18-Oct6E & 6FCrishanthi Rey & Celia Trevisani

Parents Committee Membership


All new and current members must sign a registration form each year as per DET guidelines.  If you already know you want to help out in the community, thank you so very much. Our children love to see us active in their school and we love to welcome fellow parents who want to be involved; even as few as ten minutes per week or a suggestion here and there helps make what we do possible. Please return your signed form to





We hope to see you soon. 


Lori Silver, Valeria Green, Amy Pate and Maria Palazon 


Your PC Leadership Team