From the School Leadership Team,

From Mr. Chant,




This weekend we must remember to remember to adjust our clocks back to normal time. It will be the end of daylight saving early on Sunday morning. We need to turn our clocks back one hour.


School commences on Monday April 19th April at 8.45am. Please continue to support our structured starts to school by dropping your child off and have our learning day get off to a really positive start.


Many thanks to all those who have added to the achievements at our school this term. We have Prep students who have completed all their testing, survived a mini lockdown and worked on their words of the week across the term. We have new school leaders, parent helpers ready for next term, sports events completed, information nights and parent interviews completed, new Executives in place for School Council and the Parents Committee, working bees completed, walk to school projects underway and the icy pole shop has re commenced in their new location. And then we started learning in our classrooms…


On Wednesday we conducted a lock down emergency management practice drill. These important safety activities allow us to improve our site management protocols and react to situations if and when they arise. We plan for extreme weather situations, gas leaks, intruders on site, fire management, traffic events and so on. Thanks to all our staff and students who responded so well in our drill yesterday.


Angus D. from year 4 has been busy. On Monday he won his 50m butterfly event at the Regional carnival in a time that was a great improvement on his best effort to date. He is off to the state finals in a few weeks. And on the athletics track he was awarded two gold medals at the State Relay titles last weekend for his efforts in the 10yo 4x 100 events. Well done.


The Premiers Reading Challenge has begun at CJC. Please see the PRC section included within this newsletter.


I hope all families can find some time over the coming holidays to enjoy a well earned break and recharge their batteries. If you are travelling please be very careful.



Anzac Day observances are always held on April 25th. This year Anzac day is on a Sunday. We are planning an observance for the children which will held on Monday 26th with arrangements to be confirmed early in term 2.


French Film Festival - This year again, CJC is a proud partner of Alliance Française’s French Film Festival. On Monday March 29, all our Grade 3 to 6 students went to the Brighton Bay Palace Cinema to view a movie from Nicolas Vanier, Poly.  It was a great opportunity to immerse the cohorts into the beautiful French culture.


We have many talented students who achieve great things on a stage, during a performance, in their examinations, in the pool, on the sporting field or in the classroom. Please let us know so we can acknowledge these special people and celebrate their efforts.