Year 1/2 Term 1 Overview

Year 1/2 Term One


Welcome to the 2021 school year at St John's. We sincerely hope this will be one that has fewer interruptions and changes than 2020. Carmel Barro 1/2CB, Kristina Reid (Monday - Thursday) and Marisa Box (Friday) 1/2KR are the 1/2 teachers this year, supported by Kim Wilson-Hartrick and Connie Pearse, our LSOs.

A big welcome to our new students and their families: Craig and Sadie in 1/2KR and Boston and Evie in 1/2 CB. It's going to be a great year of learning with lots of exciting play spaces being created in our outdoor areas. 

We hope our new families can join the Preps and Year Ones for the Welcome Dinner on16 February, to meet many more families in our community. 


Religious Education: 

Our focus for this term is on Prayer. We will be exploring different ways to pray and the places that we can pray to feel closer to God. Later in the term we will be exploring the season of Lent. Students will reflect on Lent as a season of waiting and connect this to things that they wait for in their own lives. We will also explore the events leading up to Easter Sunday and the significance of this celebration in the Church’s calendar. 



In Maths we will continue our professional development with Monash University (EMC3- Exploring Mathematical Challenges) where we meet and plan with Maths Leaders to provide a challenging and extensive maths program. 

Our topics will include

  • Place Value and Counting: being able to read, write, recognise and compare varying sized numbers and skip counting.
  • Length, Area and Perimeter will be investigated throughout the rest of the term.


In Reading we will continue to work on developing fluency and expression with a focus in reading groups, on the following comprehension strategies:

  • sequencing
  • summarising
  • visualising
  • author's purpose

In writing our focus this term will be on information writing. Students will learn the features of scientific reports including animal fact files. Students will produce their own information report on a body system, connecting with their inquiry learning for the term. In linking with writing we will explore the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts and learn about their features including diagrams and glossaries. 


Social & Emotional Learning:

Our focus for SEL this term is Self Awareness, in particular recognition and expression of emotions. Students will be given opportunities to extend their vocabulary through which to recognise and describe emotions and when, how and with whom it is appropriate to share those emotions.



"How do good choices help us connect with each other and ourselves?" 

This term our Inquiry is exploring how our healthy choices can lead to having healthy bodies. We will be exploring healthy habits and how these habits influence our bodies and our body systems. 


Home Learning

  • Daily reading and recording in reading records.
  • Reading Eggs:
  • Mathletics - Tasks will be set in Mathletics relating to classroom topics to consolidate learning. It is not expected that students would complete all tasks in one sitting.


Students will have specialist classes towards the end of the week (please see timetable below). They will be required to wear their sport uniforms on Tuesday and Friday. They will also need to bring in their library bag and books on a Friday.

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Performing Arts

Art (CB)



Art (KR)

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us (Friday in 1/2 KR)


Carmel Barro, Kristina Reid and Marisa Box