Allister Hill

Middle Sub School Manager


Congratulations, we made it! What a year it has been!


The middle school years are often associated with change and challenge. This year has definitely encompassed that and been like no other. However, the responses we have seen from students and parents have been overwhelmingly positive. Students managed to navigate the challenges of online learning and social isolation. The middle school has been so proud of the way students were able to soldier on in such challenging circumstances. 


With the support of Daniel Grozdanovski, Year 9 Coordinator, Daniel Sharp and Suzanne Henry, Year 9 Assistant Coordinators, Joel McDougall, Year 10 Coordinator, and Darcy Cropp, Year 10 Assistant Coordinator, our students have had the opportunities to explore a plethora of avenues within the community and our school environment. Pauline Carra, Sub School Assistant, has also had a significant impact on our students growth in 2020, often being the first one to meet and greet the students every day and the first point of contact for parents and guardians. I would like to say a big thanks to this Team in guiding our Year 9 and Year 10 students through 2020. 

Year 9 - Recognition of effort and achievement

On Friday, 4 December, the Year 7 and 9 students finished off the week by recognising the achievements of those students who participated in the STEM project and those who also demonstrated outstanding achievement and effort throughout the year. I would like to acknowledge the following Year 9 students:

Pride Award: This award recognises students who have shown a positive attitude towards the College both inside the grounds and out in the community. They model exceptional school uniform, take pride in their work and work book, bring all of their equipment to class and give their best effort at all times with no fuss. 

Year 9 – Haisong QI


Leadership Award: This award acknowledges students who have demonstrated initiative and authenticity in the area of leadership and student voice. Representing leadership qualities even when faced with adversity and focuses on efforts made outside of the SRC responsibilities. 

Year 9 – James SMITH


Inspiring Others Award: This award recognises students who, through their actions and achievements, are considered by their peers to be a positive role model and has improved or enriched the lives of others. 

Year 9 – Rarlee BEVAN


House Spirit Award: This award acknowledges students who have demonstrated enthusiasm, passion and participation across the year in all house events. 

Year 9 – Elijah BURR


Community Award: This award recognises students who are always looking out for and supporting others. They step in and lend a hand when they see others struggling. It honours students who have initiated and/or engaged in activity that has significantly contributed to the sense of community in the College. 

Year 9 – Nin Nin Mya NIN NIN MYA


Active Participation Award: This award recognises students whose participation and communication during class has gone above and beyond expectation. They ask questions, participate in discussions, turn their cameras on during remote learning and engage themselves fully in all the aspects of their learning in class. 



Determination Award: This award recognises students who demonstrate continuous effort and perseverance through adversity. They never give up, especially when the work becomes challenging. These students are willing to challenge themselves, whilst striving to achieve both academically and non-academically. 

Year 9 – Nay Soe HTOO

Events and activities for Year 9 students to look forward to in 2021

  • Year 9 Camp:  King Lake Forest Adventures Camp (8 - 10  September) http://kfacamp.com.au/
  • Year 9 Alpine Leadership School (9 week program in Term 4): We are passionate and committed to send six Year 9 students (3 boys and 3 girls) to the Alpine Leadership School. http://www.alpineschool.vic.edu.au/ssl/student-video.html
  • Full day incursion “ Launching into Year 9” (5 March): Various guest speakers and workshops with internal and external presenters.
  • Life Skills and Local Community People Workshop - Term 2 (Date TBC)
  • Careers and Morrisby Interviews

Events and activities for Year 10 students to look forward to in 2021

Wishing you a very safe holiday period. Hopefully you all have a wonderful summer break and enjoy some time with family and close friends.