Steve Quinn

Junior Sub School Manager


This week, the College has opened its gates to a huge group of excited and, in many cases, nervous Grade 6 students from many Primary Schools for our annual Orientation Program. We are so happy that we were able to meet the group in person due to the easing of restrictions. During this time, we are vividly reminded of a mere 12 months ago, when our current Year 7 cohort were piling into the gym also excited and nervous and not quite sure what to expect. It did not take long for strong relationships to develop and for the group to well and truly engrain themselves in the fabric of our College community. 


The last period of Friday, 4 December, was set aside for a new yearly occasion in the College, the Year 7 to 9 End of Year Celebration. Part of this event is the recognition of students who have displayed exceptional efforts throughout the year in areas other than academics with various awards. The award descriptions and recipients are listed below:


Pride Award: This award recognises students who have shown a positive attitude towards the College, both inside the grounds and out in the community. They model exceptional school uniform, take pride in their work and workbook, bring all of their equipment to class, and give their best effort at all times with no fuss. 


Year 8 – Paris Mina

Year 7 – Gus Donohue


Leadership Award: This award acknowledges students who have demonstrated initiative and authenticity in the area of leadership and student voice, representing leadership qualities even when faced with adversity, and focuses on efforts made outside of the SRC responsibilities. 


Year 8 – James Hose

Year 7 – Ryan Hasan


Inspiring Others Award: This award recognises students who, through their actions and achievements, are considered by their peers to be a positive role model and has improved or enriched the lives of others. 


Year 8 – Say They Paw Wah

Year 7 – Kyden McCaughan 


House Spirit Award: This award acknowledges students who have demonstrated enthusiasm, passion and participation across the year in all House events. 


Year 8 – Nick Muli

Year 7 – Noah Williams


Community Award: This award recognises students who are always looking out for and supporting others. They step in and lend a hand when they see others struggling. It honours students who have initiated and/or engaged in activity that has significantly contributed to the sense of community in the College. 


Year 8 – Evan Geoghegan

Year 7 – Noah Woods


Active Participation Award: This award recognises students whose participation and communication during class has gone above and beyond expectation. They ask questions, participate in discussions, turn their cameras on during remote learning and engage themselves fully in all the aspects of their learning in class. 


Year 8 – Declan Stojanovski

Year 7 – Moo Eh Wah


Determination Award: This award recognises students demonstrate continuous effort and perseverance through adversity. They never give up, especially when the work becomes challenging. These students are willing to challenge themselves whilst striving to achieve both academically and non-academically. 


Year 8 – Htoo They Paw Baw

Year 7 – Ah Narrow Paw


Congratulations to the award recipients.


Finally, I would like to say a big thank you from me and the Junior Sub School Team to all of our Year 7 and 8 students, parents and guardians for your efforts, help and positivity during the most challenging of years. I hope you all have safe, happy and restful Christmas holidays and I look forward to seeing you all again in 2021.


James Parker

STEM Coordinator


The Year 8 STEM Week has come to an end and each Home Group has produced some truly amazing theme parks across the week. The creativity, problem solving and collaboration on display by all students was exemplary with a wide variety of amazing different rides on display. 


Congratulations to 8C for being this year’s STEM Week winners! Producing an incredible Winter Wonderland theme park. 


Congratulations to Lane Browne for winning this year’s Excellence in STEM Award. Lane demonstrated outstanding leadership, creativity and problem-solving skills throughout this project, to create an outstanding ride for his park, while also offering assistance to all those around him.