What does Citizenship mean?

Citizenship is defined as the ability to display good character, to show responsibility, honesty, good listening, and kindness in school as well as in the wider community. 

Healesville Sanctuary

We are proud to acknowledge the following students who demonstrated great citizenship during a recent field trip to Healesville Sanctuary.  Zahra ‘O Dea,  Ananya Sehgal and Isabel Webster came to the rescue to a toddler whilst on a recent trip to the sanctuary. 


Dear Box Hill High 

Today I was at Healesville Sanctuary with my sister and my two little kids, and we saw a number of your students around the Sanctuary. All of your students were very mature and well behaved, polite and quietly getting on with their worksheets. We visit the Sanctuary and the Zoo quite frequently and there are a lot of schools whose students are not as pleasant to be around. 

I would especially like to express my thanks to a group of students who helped me today when my 3yo went missing. At the end of the Birds of Prey demonstration, as the crowds were leaving the amphitheatre, I was putting my 3mo back into the pusher and turned around to realise my 3yo was not standing behind me any longer. My sister and I had a frantic few minutes searching the area, including the creek play area a few metres away, and were in the process of seeking help from Sanctuary staff when a group of BHHS students (3 or 4 girls I think?) herded my little boy back to the gates of the Birds of Prey amphitheatre. I gather that they had all moved on to the reptile house and then realised that he was alone there and brought him back. I am so grateful to them for their kindness and thoughtfulness. At the time I was quite distracted and upset and although my sister thanked the girls, I was busy trying to impress the seriousness of the situation on my little boy. I would very much like to commend all the BHHS students on their behaviour and attitude and express my appreciation to the kind group of girls who took time out of their day to help a fairly recalcitrant toddler.  

Please pass on my thanks to the staff and students who attended the excursion to Healesville today. 

Kind regards,  Anna M  

Put your skates on at Federation Square


Another group of students were also applauded for their kindness at Federation Square. 

 Hi Box Hill, 

Was in the city this evening and have a nice story about your students. As Chair of Wesley College I know it’s often negative emails that are sometimes received about student behaviour. Two of your boys were skateboarding at Fed Square, a lovely middle aged woman, not me, asked for a ride on one of the boards. Your boy obliged, was encouraging, we clapped; I was walking by at the time. She was chuffed. It was nice. Teenage boys are fun and do like to interact with adults and can take a moment to be wonderful with others. 

That’s it. It was a nice moment so I asked them what school they were from and that I would send a nice note.  Regards , Marianne S  

Rock Wilkins and the National Youth Science Forum

We received this lovely letter from the Director of the Youth Service at the Rotary Club of Forest Hill.


I would just like to tell you about one of your outstanding students, Rock Wilkins, now a Prefect in Yr 12 at BHHS. 

A year ago Rock was awarded a Ford Davis Award by the Rotary Club of Forest Hill. On presentation night we suggested that, through our Rotary branch, he further his quest for knowledge in Science by applying to attend the prestigious National Youth Science Forum (NYSF), which is held in Canberra each Summer holiday period. 

 Participants of this forum have quite a record of going far in the Science world. Selections for this intake are based on more than just academic standards and include the likely value and dedication to the community and an all round approach. Rock firstly went through a selection process at our Club, we then nominated him for the District final selection, and he was one of 80 finally selected out of over 400 nominated candidates from all over Australia. 

Rock spoke at our Club meeting last night on his experiences. It was an eloquent and well thought out presentation, full of detail on the two week forum. He felt it gave him contacts in the science world, more confidence and a future direction. 

We thank you for the calibre and worthiness of this student and hope that Rock will be able to share some of what he learned and present to other potential applicants for the 2018 NYSF intake at your school. 

Glenys Grant, OAM, 

Director, Youth Service, 

Rotary Club of Forest Hill