Hall Renovations

Hall and Performing Arts Renovations

Over the last eight months our hall and the area beneath the hall has been completely renovated. We have created a Performing Arts precinct which will be operational from the start of term 2. Our hall has been updated and looks incredible. We now have tiered seating, updated sound and lighting, vastly improved visual technology and heating and cooling. You can all get to experience these new facilities if you come to a performance of Peter Pan. 


Downstairs there are Drama, Media and multiple Music spaces. Bold colours and natural light have been used to turn what used to look “dungeon like” into a beautiful, vibrant and creative environment.   

There is now a walkway linking the hall and the 1930s building. This will connect the area more strongly to rest of the school, improve traffic flow, as well as provide disabled access to the hall. The front of the building has been updated with architectural cladding as well as a garden and outdoor performance area. 




Ms Theresa Iacopino

Assistant Principal