RESPECT Wellbeing Program

Box Hill High School has been promoting Positive Education principles over the past 4 years aligning with our Strategic Plan.  This has resulted in a new wellbeing program being launched in 2018.  

Students in years 7, 8 and 9 will participate in the Box Hill High School  RESPECT Wellbeing Program in their form group one period a fortnight.  This program is heavily based upon the Education Department’s Respectful Relationships Curriculum which you can access here

 Each year level has a different positive education and wellbeing key theme as listed below: 

·         Year 7 – Fostering Positive Relationships 

·         Year 8 – Cultivating a culture of Gratitude 

·         Year 9 – Developing Strategies for Resilience 

·         Year 10 – Focussed Attention and Mindfulness 

·         Year 11 – Strengths and Purpose 

·         Year 12 – Healthy Bodies and Minds 


The RESPECT Wellbeing Program has been catered around each year level’s theme and has been mapped against the Victorian Curriculum.  Similar themes are reinforced specifically in Health and Physical Education classes.  All staff try to foster the general themes when considering how the curriculum is delivered and are supported by the Student Engagement Leaders who deliver focussed  year level activities such as camps, incursions and assemblies to strengthen the skills associated with these themes. 


 RESPECT is an acronym for: 









 Teachers will be encouraging students to discuss the content covered in class with their families at home and we look forward to you being able to share your experiences and stories with students to promote them to find ways to continue to optimise their wellbeing.  

 This program is based on research that indicates the positive outcomes for greater life satisfaction for students who are emotionally aware and equipped with strategies to identify when they need to seek or offer support for themselves or others.  


If you have any feedback or questions about the program feel free to contact the Wellbeing Team. 


A visit to the Year 7 RESPECT Class

In a visit to Ms. Wilkinson’s 7F RESPECT class, the students were asked the following questions and these are some of the student responses: 

"What is important for your wellbeing?"

Kito: “music” 

Gary: “watching basketball” 

Bevan: “people around me, my grandparents” 

Sam: “Having friends and a supportive family who encourage me” 

Tiffany: “having subjects you are good at or enjoy” 

Saina: “playing games or talk to my friends” 

"What does respect mean to you?"

Josh: “being aware of other people’s feelings” 

Rakshan: “people understand other people’s emotions” 

Hugo: “Not discriminating or being mean, making a person feel good about themselves” 

Bella: “everyone is important in this world!” 

Reflective Journal Entry from 7F student


Class rules for RESPECT Program