Wellbeing Program

A school that flourishes

A school where students can flourish in their unique ways, and develop positive relationships with other students and their teachers is the vision we have for Box Hill High School. We are very proud of the inclusive culture at Box Hill High School and the welcoming and calm atmosphere that is evident across the school. Since 2013, the school has been developing a positive education framework through the work of a large number of teachers who were committed to the education of the whole child. Student leadership groups have also contributed to the promotion of good mental health in their organisation of events for wellbeing theme weeks including SRCs lunchtime ‘sleep centre’ in semester two last year. The importance of focused attention and having a growth mindset in learning is a strong feature in the classroom for both students and teachers. This year we also introduced the new RESPECT wellbeing program for students in Year 7-9 where they develop skills such as demonstrating respectful behaviours with new class members, practicing gratitude and empathy, developing strategies that build resilience, and problem-solving. We will also be continuing to embed a positive education whole-school framework with the key wellbeing focus for each year level listed below: 


At the end of last year the Positive Education Team including the Engagement Leaders developed vision statements for each year level so that students, teachers and parents can see how these elements are reinforced in their programs, classrooms and student assemblies. 

Vision Statements


Year 7

Positive Relationships

For every year 7 student to be happy to be at school and have positive interactions with fellow peers and staff. To feel connected to the school community through a successful transition to high school where new friendships are formed and students feel encouraged by their teachers to challenge themselves in their learning environment.  It is hoped that students will develop self-compassion that can assist in them building their self-identity. 

Year 8


For Year 8 students to develop and practice gratitude in their daily lives and for students to be empathetic to what others value too.  Create a general state of compassion and appreciation of difference within their community. For students to be aware of and challenge negative bias in themselves and others and apply that when reflecting on their learning. 


Year 9


For year 9 students to be able learn strategies to improve coping with challenges and disappointments that arise and begin to understand that change is a part of living.  To have the confidence to tackle solving problems and take risks and to not see failure as only negative. For students to value the importance of making connections throughout their community as a vital strength in building their resilience. 

Year 10

Focussed Attention and Mindfulness 

For all year 10 students to be able to learn and consistently practice mindfulness in order to develop the skills of focusing attention. For students to understand the benefits of focused attention and experience this in their learning, their mental health, and their relationships.  It is hoped that students will find the ability to be mindful invaluable in their lives with increasing academic pressure, an inescapable social media environment and greater life responsibilities 

Year 11

Strengths and Purpose

For all Year 11 students to have a greater understanding of their strengths so they are aware of how they can contribute in the world. This will come from the identification and exploration of their personal attributes, values, academic strengths, talents, interests and passions. Year 11s will be encouraged to develop a moral purpose by which they can start shaping their future. A better understanding of themselves and their strengths will hopefully improve their intrinsic motivation to work towards their goals and to make more thoughtful and informed decisions that are aligned with their values.  


Year 12

Healthy Bodies and Minds

For Year 12 students to find balance in their lives and to be consolidating the healthy foundations for good mental health during what can be a stressful year but more importantly for life beyond school. Developing a toolkit for students to feel confident in self-regulating their mental or physical condition and responding in effective ways to perform at an optimal level. It is crucial that our students can leave school with the skills to manage stress and identify strategies that strengthen their wellbeing to achieve overall greater life satisfaction. 

Student Wellbeing Team

The Student Wellbeing Team enthusiastically works to promote good mental health, social skills, effective organisational strategies and students’ personal strengths. There is an ‘open-door’ policy and students can seek support across a range of areas. 

Our team in 2018 consists of Neil Hamley, Kellie Ind and Felicity Shiel-Jones (Student Wellbeing Coordinators) and Colin Osborn (Counsellor).  









In addition to the school staff we are supported in our work by our fabulous Psychologists Jeff Edmonds, Felicity Cronin, and Maryam Elyas. In 2018 we are also fortunate to have Apurva Nargundkar an ex-student of Box Hill High School who is a provisional Psychologist and passionate about our youth program. Our Social Worker Helen Levis and Adolescent Counsellor Jane Liang work with individual students on developing effective stress-management strategies .