Victorian Young Leaders to China Program

I've packed the Tim Tams

This week is when you count down not the weeks but the days till China. All the nerves kick in but then the excitement takes over. It feels like you’re not going yet but then you realise how soon it is and you're like “wow, I’m going to a foreign country with 9 other school kids and Mr Chen. No family, not of your own bed, but learning a whole new lifestyle.”


I feel like I am one of the luckiest children to go on this program as this is something you never forget. We are at the stage now where we have to start packing and weighing our suitcases. We have to buy presents for the students and the families we meet in China. We had to get something Aussie so I packed some Tim Tams and some other stuff. I am very excited for going to the Great Wall of China as I want to know how big it really is and you could look it up on google or you could go there and experience one of the 7 wonders of the world! I also can’t wait to meet some of the students in China and experience what they do every day.


I cannot wait for the day to come when we hop on a plane, fly to China but stop off at Singapore because that is when the lifetime of memories begin.

By Taylor Mead 9D

Saying goodbye at the Airport


Here we are in China


Don't forget the Vegemite!

CYC city is a large multi-storeyed building located on the corner of Collins and Kings street. Which on the third weekend of February hosted a   dozen or so schools, each carefully selecting 10 students to put forward. This weekend was no ordinary weekend, it was spent preparing over 100 students to spend 6 weeks in a foreign country, to teach them how to cope being away from their families, to teach them how to immerse themselves in a new culture, a new way of life and how to make the most of a one of the kind experience.


The Victorian Young Leaders to China Program (VYLC) is a government initiative aiming to immerse year 9 students in the diverse culture of China by attending schools, visiting local tourist sights and meeting everyday students and their families. This program expands students’ language and cultural learning with personal development and aids in building strong foundations for leadership skills.


All schools attending were split into 3 groups, so that the students could bond and build strong relationships so they could support each other in a completely foreign environment. The activities were designed to help the students get out of their comfort zone and into a better learning environment. Activities like working in teams to describe an image completely verbally or, in groups, building a small bridge even though one group could only speak in ‘yes’, that activity was quite the interesting one, so after half an hour or so of a room of kids all yelling yes in different tones, it was quite tiring! Most of the days were spent doing these activities with obvious breaks for meals, except for what was arguably the highlight of the weekend, White Night. White Night is the once a year event where the city is reimagined through lights, performances, film, music and much more all over Melbourne. Since Chinese New Year fell on White Night there was a little China everywhere you looked from lanterns to dragon dancers!


All right, I think that’s all I have time for, I’ve got bags to pack and vegemite to buy!

By Ashley Hunter 9E