Languages- where will they take us next?

German and Chinese Languages update

The year is well and truly off to a start for Languages at Box Hill!


Saral Gautam (12B) attended a wonderful STEM German language camp in Batu-Malang, Indonesia during the summer holidays! He was fortunate enough to receive a full scholarship for this trip. Students are also interviewing this week for a six-week holiday course in Germany during the 2019 summer holidays. Best of luck to all of the applicants!


Year 9 Chinese students are preparing to depart for the Victorian Young Leaders to China Program, which focuses on language and cultural learning with personal development leadership skills. Mr Chen will be accompanying the group on this amazing six-week trip. Read students’ pre-departure thoughts in this edition.


 Iona Easton (12B) has returned from a 10-week SAGSE exchange, as has Tom Yakubowski from a six-month exchange. See their full reports in this newsletter and find out if you might be eligible to win a 2018 SAGSE scholarship.


20 German students from years 10 and 11 are beginning to prepare for their four-week exchange in November to our German sister school, Marienschule, in Lippstadt.


Nick Bowers and Bernhard Andersson have written a news article entitled “Das Fahrradcamp von Box Hill High School”, likewise Ed Neagu and Tex Craven have written a piece “Wie ist es in Melbourne Rad zu fahren”. Both pieces have been posted and featured in our German online newspaper SANtastisch. The region comprises of German student newspapers from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Samoa, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam!


You can find these student articles and more at or just search for SANtastisch.




Mr Nathaniel Smith

Domain Leader: Languages