Peer Support

BHHS Peer Support Program

Another successful Peer Support Program is underway at Box Hill High School. Year 10 Peer Support Leaders have been assisting Year 7 students with their transition to secondary school through bi-weekly sessions.


So far, Year 7 students have been introduced to what Box Hill High School has to offer, learnt techniques of how to make friends in a big school, been assisted with the setting up of their laptops and introduced to e-safety in cyberbullying awareness sessions.


Earlier this term, 16 Peer Support Leaders assisted Year 7 students on school camp. These students ran games, hosted a talent show and trivia night, organised a disco and encouraged Year 7 students to interact with others. Peer Support Leaders put in a fabulous effort over a three day camp and have been wonderful role models for the newest members of the Box Hill High School community.


Don’t trust what has been said so far? Here is what some of our Year 7 students have had to say…         

  • “It is really fun having a break from schoolwork and learning from older students instead of teachers” Ruby Wills 7B                     
  • “Peer Support is a fun experience and you learn new things every time. The Peer Support Leaders make it exciting by playing games and summarise our sessions” Emma Hunter 7D
  • “Our leaders are kind, nice and organised” a group of 7C girls
  • “Peer Support is always the highlight of my day.” Aala Abdalla 7D
  • “I’m happy that I have been given time to get to know Year 7 Students” Ana Hofbrauer Year 10 Peer Support Leader


There has also been a tremendous effort from our Year 11 Peer Support Student Training Team who have been diligently working behind the scenes to help train younger students in the art of being Peer Support Leader. We are extreme grateful for these students volunteering their time.


Peer Support sessions will continue with three sessions in Term 2 and one in Term 3.











Please send any feedback to Peer Support Coordinator, Mr Paul Rogers (