It was ACE!

So far this year ACE has enabled us as students to open up to new people who are outside of our friendship circle, thus increasing our confidence levels and allowing us to make so many new, amazing friends. It has been so much fun working together in a team, overcoming our own fears as well as watching others overcome theirs and learning and developing different skills. 


We started off our 2018 ACE year with surf lifesaving where we all worked together in multiple beach activities and were literally putting our lives in each-others hands. We also participated in fun leisure activities such as stand up paddle-boarding, escape rooms, dark zone, roller skating and rock climbing where we all collaborated and utilised teamwork skills. The effort and positivity produced by our ACE group was incredible and really made us proud to be a part of Box Hill High. 

We cannot wait to see what more ACE has in stall for us! 

By Makayla Glare Y10