Drama Media Music

New Drama, Media and Music Hub

It has been a phenomenal start to the year for the Drama, Media and Music domains, with a string of achievements across year levels and subjects. Firstly, we are extremely excited to be moving into our new facilities underneath the hall, with Drama, Media and Music able to share a space for the first time, we are sure the hall will become a hub for creativity and artistic engagement for students, staff and parents.

Top Class Season of Excellence

In the opening weeks of the year we were delighted to learn that two of Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins’ Theatre Studies students in the inaugural year of its inception; were invited to participate in Top Class, the state-wide showcase of VCE talent. Ana Swadling [Year 12] and Sarah Blain [class of 2017] will perform their stagecraft monologue and present their designs at the Melbourne Art Centre to students from across the state as an exemplar of outstanding achievement.

Year 12 Drama

Ms Trollope’s students undertaking Year 12 Drama are well and truly into the process of developing their substantial performances for their VCE ensembles in term 2. This year they are focussing on the concept of ‘urban legends’, whilst actively investing their time outside of school in some great Australian Theatre.  In term 1 the students have enjoyed trips to two performances, “This is Eden” in the city and “Hart” a little closer to home at the Whitehorse Performing Arts Centre.

Year 10 Drama

Year 10 Drama had their own challenges to work towards this term, developing and undertaking a super-secret ‘happening’ in the form of pop-up theatre in the quad for unsuspecting students where the trophy for the swimming carnival was stolen and miraculously recovered by Batman himself!

Year 8 and 9 Drama

Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins have been thrilled with the dedication and progress they have seen amongst their two year 9 classes who are working well towards the concept of “Playful Work and Serious Play” – developing deeper insights and engaging performances as they extend their abilities through the course. Ms Trollope’s year 8s are also developing well as they take their first steps into Drama at BHHS. We are thrilled to work with these students and welcome them to the Drama Domain! 


In Media: Ms Muston, Mr Thomas, Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins have been working hard to develop exciting and engaging content for the new study design which began for both years 11 and 12 in 2017.

Ms Muston and Mr Thomas have been working tirelessly to develop their curriculum for two Year 12 Media classes, a testament to the hard work and dedication of students and staff, this is the first time we have run two parallel year 12 classes since 2015!

Ms Robinson and Mr Wilkins are currently team teaching both Years 11 and 10. With Year 11s closing in on their major practical task in term 2, students have been preparing through some particularly thought provoking analysis of what it means to create media in Australia and just how integral our own stories are within the cultural milieu.

Tropfest Junior - short film festival

Perhaps the biggest highlight for the department so far, occurred when we learned that one of our own students, Tadji Ulirch of year 10 had won Tropfest Junior, the worlds largest short film festival!  Developing a witty story about a support group for ghouls, ghosts, vampires and werewolves, Tadji developed an engaging visual narrative and employed several of our own BHHS students from both the Media and Drama domains. It is a hilarious tale, and congratulations have been well earned by all involved. We couldn’t be prouder!



Meanwhile, Music is preparing for the enormous move from its much-loved portables at the back of the school to its new facilities under the hall. With 6 pianos to move this will be an achievement in itself!

We were delighted to learn this term that Nicholas Miceli of year 12 had been invited to perform as part of the Australian Youth Orchestra. Our own Violin virtuoso toured a concert program from Melbourne to Ballarat. An oustanding musician, we are exceptionally delighted with his achievements.

Mr Rogers and Ms De Blasio have been working extremely hard over the term to deliver the best possible lessons to our new Years 7s all the way to our experienced Year 12s who have made their way to Top Class this term in preparation for all their hard work yet to come! Ms De Blasio is preparing some of our extensive musical talent to entertain you all in the upcoming term 2 open night, whilst Mr Rogers and Ms De Blasio, alongside the instrumental teachers, prepare for the upcoming Winter Concert to be held later next term.  


With such enormous successes and achievements across Term 1- producing, teaching, learning, striving and creating [with some occasional moments to rest], we can’t wait to see what further accomplishments our staff and students will achieve next term! 



Mr Tobias Wilkins

Domain Leader: Drama, Media and Music