Business Management-Market Day


Playing the Sharemarket Game

It has been great start to 2018 in the Humanities Domain, with students and teachers alike embracing the year with enthusiasm. In particular, we would like to welcome Ms Esther Pyo to the Humanities teaching staff, and all the Year 7’s who have started their high schooling with great eagerness.  

This year we have nine different humanities subjects running at VCE and it has been fantastic to hear from so many dedicated students about how they are enjoying their studies. In other classes, our Year 8 Business Technology students have begun to compete in the ASX Sharemarket Game while our Year 10 History students have been busy creating their own World War II research projects.


Term Two will be an exciting and busy time in the Humanities Domain. We can’t wait to see as many students as possible getting involved in activities and further contributing to our displays around the school!

Humanities Events - Term 2

Friday April 20th - Year 10 History excursion to the Holocaust Museum

Monday May 7th – Year 9 Citizenship Project Presentation Evening

Tuesday May 22nd - Year 11 Business Management Market Day

Plus, Year 8 Geography Fieldwork excursions to Sandringham and Brighton and the Year 9 CBD Experience

History Competitions

Year 7-10   HTAV Historical Fiction Competition:

Year 7-12  HTAA National History Challenge

If you are interested in getting involved, see Ms Wilkinson for more information.





Ms Emily Wilkinson

Humanities Domain Leader

A student's reflection on Y8 Business Technology

  • In Year 8 Business Technology this term, our class has been playing the ASX Schools Sharemarket game. Before we invested in anything, we had to conduct thorough research into listed companies. We were taught that it was not enough to look just at the graph of share prices on Google or the ASX website. We had to look at the products the company offered, any profits earned and other financial performance before deciding as a group whether to invest or not. Our syndicate, DACK, have been slowly increasing our portfolio value since the game opened. I won’t let you know all of our tips though, as we want to win!  The game runs from March 8th to 16th March. 



  • Alexander Khor (year 8)