We live in a a Digital World

Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook

Throughout Term 1, many of our students and teachers have been using some new digital collaboration platforms: Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook, both apps available through Microsoft’s Office 365 suite. These new platforms have allowed students to receive feedback on their work and ideas more easily and facilitated some amazing teamwork on group projects.


The school is very excited about the new digital opportunities created, and this is a good opportunity to remind students and parents that the same high expectations that applied to email and other digital communication also applies to Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook. In particular, we expect all students to speak to every other student and staff with utmost respect and restrict their use of these communication platforms to school-related work only.


We look forward to seeing all the wonderful ways in which students develop their 21st century skills and use digital platforms to collaborate.





Mr Eugene Roizman

Learning Leader STEM