Pi Day

Five Year 12 Physics classes this year

Term 1 has marked a terrific start to the year in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM). In the senior years, we are very excited to be running a record five Year 12 Physics classes this year, a testament to the enthusiasm and passion of our Physics team of Ms Wilkinson, Ms Van Leeuwen and Mr Tantau.  On the back of three perfect study scores last year, Further Maths continues to be a popular subject with six Y12 classes running under the expert guidance of Ms Willshire, Ms Sorensen, Mr Middenway and Mr Innes. 

Pi Day

In the junior years, a large crowd of students were on hand to watch the excitement of Pi Day, with Ms Grant regaling the crowd with an Ode to Pi and Kynan Tang of 8D retaining his title as Pi Day Champion by reciting an incredible 332 digits of Pi. 


Solar Car and Robotics

In extracurricular news, our after-school Solar Car and Robotics programs have been met with great student interest, with registrations of 85 students and 45 students respectively. These wonderful programs would not be possible without the generous contributions of volunteers including former students Michael Zablocki, Ben Grunow and Joel Launder who give up their time to uphold the well-earned reputation of Box Hill HS as a school that excels in Engineering.

Infomatics School of Excellence


Finally, at the end of last year, three of our Year 11 students – McKinley Keys, Bernhard Andersson and Michael Zhao – were selected to participate in the exclusive Informatics School of Excellence in Canberra which provides specialised training in computational problem-solving and coding to the most promising 25 students in Australia. Box Hill HS was the only school in the country to have three representatives, and the boys have already put their training to good use working as a team to win 1st place in the University of Melbourne Code Masters competition on the 15th March. They “enjoyed working together as a team, discussing how to solve problems, making breakthroughs” and, of course, “celebrating with pizza!”. We wish them well as they continue to participate in national events throughout the year.