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Visual Arts

This year we welcome two new Visual Arts teachers. Firstly, Ms Jeanni Lockhart, who has been known to the school for some time. In recent years, Ms Lockhart has been doing CRT work often for one or another of the art teachers.  Ms Lockhart brings to Box Hill High School a wealth of knowledge on both art and design; she has also worked in the industry as a designer. Fun fact: Ms Lockhart has a large Instagram following for her tennis photography. Ms Lockhart has already made a wonderful contribution to reworking a number of our junior and middle school art programs.


This year we also welcome Mr James Chew. Like Ms Lockhart, Mr Chew has worked in industry,  both as a photographer and art director. He also has had experience teaching in a number of schools. I have the privilege of sharing several of the same classes with Mr Chew and I look forward to collaborating  with him to further improve our wonderful art program.


This year is also the first year we have had two classes of Year 12 Studio Arts. This is a result of the investments Ms Nevard and Ms Pearson have made over previous years. Speaking of Year 12, we say congratulations to our 2018 Visual Arts captains, Iona Easton and Luka Dickson.


I could say so much more about the amazing things our Year 8 3D art students are producing, or the skills the Year 9 Photography classes are developing, not to mention all the digital classes we have running in Years 10 to 12. Instead, I will leave you enjoy the selection of artworks produced so far.



Mr James Taylor

Visual Arts Domain.