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Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

Whole School Literacy Strategy 2018

This year we have introduced a whole school literacy strategy designed to focus our attention on how students learn academic vocabulary in each of their subjects.

Each subject comes with its own unique vocabulary, much of which is likely to be new to students. For example, Science uses words like hypothesis and photosynthesis, whilst Geography introduces students to words such as altitude and cartography.

As a part of our literacy goals this year, we are trialling two strategies to introduce new vocabulary to students that help them to decode these words and store them in their long-term memory for future use.


Our first strategy encourages students to look at the smaller components of new words to help them understand its meaning – like ‘photo’ in photosynthesis, which means light! The second strategy asks students to connect a new word with other words that they already know. For example, students may connect the word altitude with mountains, height, altitude sickness and atmosphere.

As always, it is very impressive to see how our excellent teachers at Box Hill are open to trialling new techniques in their classrooms .

Parents and guardians can support these strategies at home by keeping an eye out for words that may be new to their children and helping them to decode them together.




Ms Erin Gleeson

Literacy Learning Leader

Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time

G4 and Year 10 Drama students recently participated in a cross-curricular excursion to the Melbourne Arts Centre to watch a performance of ‘The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time’. The story follows Chris, a 15 year old boy with behavioural and cognitive characteristics of autism, as he learns more about the world he lives in. The story revolves around Christopher solving the mystery of who killed his neighbour’s dog and also his search for his mother who he believed to have passed away years before. As the show progressed, it was really fascinating to see how the novel we were studying was portrayed on stage, and the similarities and differences to what we expected to see. The show itself was enhanced with dramatic lighting, intense sounds and a creatively formed set, which worked really well to strengthen the performance, as well as being performed by the actors to a fantastic standard. Following the performance, the students then had the opportunity to ask the actors questions about how they understood and embraced their characters. The experience not only helped us to comprehend the world the Chris lives within but was also really enjoyable to watch, and gave us insight to the world of theatre. 

Max Reina-Henrikson, 10Z