Senior School - Year 12

Year 12

I would like to congratulate all Year 12s on such a fantastic start to the year. It’s been busy but productive, with the common room being a hive of activity and focused attention. I’ve been really impressed to see students working so well so early in the year, with a set-up for practice SACs already installed in the study room and the mess kept to a minimum!

School Captains

In February, our School Captain and Vice Captain were elected by their fellow Prefects and staff from the Senior School and the Principal Class Team. Once again, I offer my congratulations to Madusha Karunasagara (School Captain) and Yujie Huang (Vice Captain) who have already begun to lead the student body with passion and conviction.

Top 10 percent in the State

I also had the pleasure of chatting to many of our highest-achieving students in the year level. Many of these students achieved two scores in the top ten percent of the state in a variety of subjects, including Maths Methods, German, Physics, Health & Human Development, Psychology, Biology and Visual Communication & Design. They generously offered us their best study secrets and their teachers’ most helpful teaching methods, so that we can share these best practices with other staff and students at the school.

Outside of school

There are many Year 12s who are also achieving incredible things outside of school.

National Youth Science Forum in Canberra

Over the summer holidays, Rock Wilkins was selected to attend the National Youth Science Forum in Canberra. Only 80 students in Australia were selected to attend so this was quite an achievement.  

Australian Youth Orchestra

In February, Nicholas Miceli was accepted into the Australian Youth Orchestra, and spent a week performing the violin with them.

Xavier Wick has also been nominated by the Australian Army Cadets to attend the National Adventure Training Award in Canberra at the beginning of next term, which is a very honourable achievement and I wish him the best of luck.

University studies

We also have a number of students who have chosen to undertake university studies this year, at Deakin and Melbourne University. Students are doing courses such as German, Biology and Criminology. This is a significant undertaking, and we congratulate them for their determination to excel in their chosen area of interest.

Year 12 Formal

Finally, plans for next term’s Year 12 formal at the Lincoln of Toorak are now underway, and I’m very pleased to announce that the theme is James Bond: 007!

We’re looking forward to seeing all Year 12 students and teachers dressed in their finest attire and dancing the night away. Thank you to all the work the Formal Committee have done so far.

Tickets are available now.  Check Compass for details.


Congratulations to all Year 12s on a wonderful start.   I’m very much looking forward to seeing what the year brings.




Ms Jessica Sheppard

Year 12 Student Engagement Leader