Senior School - Year 11

One step up

Year 11 students have taken the step up to VCE very well and have settled in to their classes really smoothly with a great attitude. Year 11 classes are often a big step up from year 10 and junior years and the staff have been saying that our students are handling it with maturity and responsibility.

I would like to remind students and parents of the two most important aspects of your VCE -Attendance and Effort. So far our attendance figures have been fantastic and obviously the flow on effect from this makes the year a lot easier especially when combined with effort in your subjects. Please try to keep this up over the next two years and it will go a long way towards getting you a successful VCE result.

Diary dates

There are a few housekeeping reminders and upcoming events for your diaries:

- Term 2 will see our first "Year 11 Engagement Day" featuring a lot of fun, challenging experiences that will help inspire them to continue the year with a positive, engaged attitude.

- Get along to the school musical "Peter Pan" from the 2nd to the 5th of May.  It is sure to be a great show and features many of our year 11 students.

- Year 11 exams will run from June 4th-8th for all year 11 subjects. No year 11 classes will run that week but year 12 classes will still be running and any year 11 students must still be attending those.

- The week after 11th-15th June also has a few disruptions with Monday Queen's Birthday (no classes), Tuesday- Report Writing Day (no classes but some year 12 SACs will be running) and Wednesday GAT (compulsory for ALL students doing a 3/4 subject, no other 1/2 or 3/4 classes running). Unit 2 then starts from the Thursday onwards.

Central Australia Camp

Central Australia Camp (June 30th - July 9th) An amazing, life-changing experience. There are still 3 spots left if anyone would like to join.

As always, should you have any questions or concerns please email me on or call on 9875 9152. Looking forward to our great year continuing on. 




Mr John Middenway

Year 11 Student Engagement Leader