Junior School - Year 9

Year 9 CBD Experience 2017

Year 9

It has been a busy start to 2018 for Box Hill High School Year 9 students. All form groups were reallocated for the start of the school year, giving students the opportunity to both discover new peer groups and to experience different learning environments. The feedback from teachers and students reflects that the new form group dynamics have been a success.  

CBD Experience


All Year 9 Students will be participating in the CBD Experience in Term 2. The CBD Experience allows students to select a ‘STREAM’ Curriculum focus that will form the basis of an extensive three days in the CBD, honing their subject specific skills and developing passions that will guide students in the Senior School subject selection process later in the year. Compass events will be ‘live’ for parents to provide consent and payment early term 2.  


A new subject ‘RESPECT’ has been implemented for all Year 9 Students in 2018. Students have begun work around Positive Relationships, specifically Empathy and Resilience being the common themes explored by Year 9 Students.  

Young Leaders to China trip

Eight Year 9 Students have departed for the Young Leaders to China trip. This trip enables Year 9 Students studying Chinese Language to immerse themselves in the language and culture, ideally with the goal to study Chinese in VCE.  

Lions Club scholarship nomination

Congratulations to Emma Howlett, who was nominated to apply for the Lions Club of Box Hill Eric Perkins scholarship in recognition of her achievements both in and outside the school. Emma was required to submit a written application and interview to Lions Club of Box Hill panel.   






Mr Gary Warton

Year 9 Engagement Leader