Junior School - Year 7

Year 7 Camp

Year 7 - The first term

This year we welcomed 194 students from approximately 36 different Primary Schools into year 7. The students spent the first few weeks becoming familiar with the school layout and the way high school works. Most students now know where to find the spare locker key drawer in the Junior Coordinator’s office! 

Year 7 Camp

7A, B, C and D went on camp on the 19th February and left on the 21st February after 7E, F, G and Z arrived. The camp was held at Camp Manyung at Mt Eliza. For the first time ever, every single student was able to attend which provided a great opportunity for all of the students to meet one another.  

Over the three days the students were able to participate in a range of beach activities including raft building, snorkelling, kayaking and bay discovery. At the campsite students enjoyed the giant swing, high ropes and the crate climb amongst other things. In the evening, students participated in a quiz, a talent show and a disco.

The students were encouraged and assisted by year 10 Peer Support leaders who helped the students face their fears as well as meet new people and try new things. The year 7s have already met these year 10s as part of the cross curricular Peer Support Program.  

I was really impressed with the students’ willingness to challenge themselves on camp. The many students who didn’t know each other left the camp with new friendships which should continue throughout their years at Box Hill High School. 

Beyond camp - Laptops and Class Captains

After camp, year 7 students welcomed the introduction of the laptops to their classes. They joined Teams, learnt about sending emails and checked out some of the functions of Compass. They also began to consider who the leaders in their class were before they nominated and voted for Class Captains. We now have two Class Captains for each class who will represent their class in regular meetings, assist teachers in class, represent Box Hill High School in public forums and run activities. They will join the House Captains and SRC representatives in promoting the student voice at BHHS. 


Year 7 Family Picnic

Many new and existing families joined us at the year 7 Picnic in the third week of term. The students enthusiastically completed the teacher treasure hunt and it was a good opportunity for families to meet one another as well as the teachers.  

We look forward to the new year 7s continuing to embrace the culture of acceptance, tolerance and resilience which we encourage and celebrate at Box Hill High School.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns on willshire.diana.d@edumail.vic.gov.au   



Diana Willshire 

Year 7 Engagement Leader 

Some students  reflect on their first term in Year 7: 

"My school year is awesome.  I have made friends with pretty much every boy in my class.  I have enjoyed camp.  I am not looking forward to parent/teacher interviews because, you know why.  I am looking forward to the two weeks holiday and I hope that my family will give me more pocket money."  Yan


"I have thoroughly enjoyed the year so far and am surprised to find socializing and adapting to the change much simpler than I thought.  I have made quite a few new friends throughout the year level, (with time for nicknames), and just allowed myself to seep in all the excitement and close calls for assignments.  Now I feel like I've been here for years."  Sherlyn


"I've loved every second of being part of the BHHS community, and enjoyed making friends.  I look forward to coming to school every day!  Something that really surprised me, was how mature and independent I felt, being able to handle my own schedule, homework and catching the bus on my own.  It's been a real journey, these last 7 weeks, and I can't wait to find out what the rest of the year holds for me!" Sophie


"I have undeniably enjoyed the year so far.  I have made an abundant amount of friends.  I finally know all my subjects and the teachers are so lenient.  I look forward to the rest of the year!"  Rakshan


"This term, we've come across and done many things, such as orientation camp, the swimming carnival and we've had Peer Support come in and play games with us.  We've also got to know the school better.  It was very weird to have to change classrooms every period as we did that so rarely in primary school, and we were taught a new definition of responsibility with our lockers."



"On the first day of school I was a nervous wreck.  I thought there would be loads of homework and strict teachers.  I am afraid of getting lost in the school and accidentally humiliating myself.  But everything went fine.  I made a lot of friends and surprisingly, there weren't much homework or strict teachers!  The teachers at BHHS are very nice and helpful.  There aren't much homework and now I know my way around the school quite well.  It feels different in high school.  I feel independent and free.  I am really loving BHHS and can't wait to find out what's going to happen next!"



"I am so touched and privileged to be at Box Hill HS because of the welcoming that I experienced.  Teachers are always supportive and they are willing to help at all times.  I have enjoyed the amazing orientation camp.  It gave me an opportunity to know more and get to know everyone better.  I have discovered that everyone at Box Hill HS is a wonderful community!"



"This term, I most enjoy the time in English additional language (EAL).  Miss Metcalfe is a great teacher.  I learn so much in EAL.  At school, I have never been shy and scared of teachers.  I do enjoy every lesson I have had this term."