Student Leadership

School Captains



Congratulations to Box Hill High School's newly elected School Captain, Madusha Karunasagara, and our Vice Captain, Yujie Huang.  ​

We know you will serve the school proudly and with conviction, and we look forward to seeing what you achieve with your leadership over the course of the year. 

Class Captains

Junior School

Year 7, 8 & 9 students were asked to elect class captains under a new Student Leadership and Voice Structure. These leaders were included in developing role descriptions for Class Captains that better reflects their capacity as leaders both in and outside the classroom. We had many Year 7,8 & 9 students nominated and a fantastic group of aspiring Box Hill High School Leaders successful in their application. Junior School Engagement Leaders would like to congratulate the following student leaders:  

It is with great pleasure that we announce the Class Captains for 2018. 

Year 7

7A Alejandra Machillanda Flechas and Tashi Alles

7B Alex White and Vivienne Le

7C Pasindu Ranatunga and Noel Varghese

7D Ashanya Ramlukan and Emma Hunter

7E Jesse Wheeler and Chloe Ong

7F Tiffany Ding and Sam Montgomery

7G Eason Chew and Adrian Le

7Z Riley Brennan and Lachie Collings

 Year 8

8A Khalia Andrews and Jackson Daws 

8B Oscar Davies 

8C Lily Greaves and Maria Mafi 

8D Kitty Hou and Taylor Ignatiadis 

8E Shanti Davis and Malavika Harish 

8F Alexander Khor and Lucy Wallis 

8G Miraz Rai and Wenze Li 

8X Belle White and Brynne O'Dea 

8Y Casey Jian and Suha Shahzad 

8Z Chau Dang and Jacob Allison 

Year 9

9A Ryan Garg

9B Robert Campbell and Chloe May

9C Harry Christie and Matin Amir

9D Taylor Mead

9E Bethany Fielding and Tarquin Mason-Jones

9F Sam Gill and Samuel Edwards

9X Noah McAliece and Jazz Taylor

9Y Maddie McBrearty

9Z Jerome Michaux


Student Representative Council

Congratulations to the following students who have been elected by their peers into leadership positions in the Box Hill High School SRC; 

President – Ani Prakash 

Senior Vice President - Raymond Sun 

Junior Vice President – Suhani Bedi 

Administrator - Max Reina-Henriksen 

Treasurer - Sean Cormick 

We look forward to your ideas and contributions to the school community this year.  


Digital Student Leadership Team

We have been very fortunate to have Lucas Berry,  James Thompson-Hicks and Andrew Nie continue in the role of BHHS digital student Leadership Team. They were joined this year by Imaran Singh and these 4 boys were instrumental in making the year 7 laptop introduction session successful. They supported the teachers during this session and demonstrated technical prowess to solve the difficult problems. We have also recently welcomed Sam Gill to the team.

The team meets fortnightly to discuss any ideas they have that will support the use of technology at BHHS. Currently the students are in discussion to set up a digital club open to all students at lunchtime.

New members are welcome, please see any current members or contact Ms Bottrell if you are interested in joining. 

Australia Youth Orchestra


Early this term, I was very lucky to be selected as part of the Australian Youth Orchestra for their annual February Concert Season. In total, this is the third season I have been part of and I count it as not just an incredibly useful program for developing my own skills on the Violin, but one of the best and most inspiring experiences of my life.

The Australian Youth Orchestra (AYO) is the premiere youth orchestra available to musicians in Australia. Made up entirely of musicians under the age of 25, the orchestra allows the top young musicians from all parts of Australia the opportunity to learn and love music in a professional rehearsal environment, working with some of the best orchestral musicians in Australia as tutors and with internationally renowned conductors and guest artists.

This February, the AYO gathered for a week of intense rehearsals at Melbourne University, culminating in two concerts at the Melbourne Recital Centre and the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo. We played three pieces under the baton of Dutch Maestro Antony Hermus, including the Hebrides Overture by Mendelssohn, Ravel’s G Major Piano Concerto with soloist Andrea Lam, and Mahler’s 4th Symphony, with soprano soloist Penelope Mills.

Exhausting 7.5 hour rehearsal days were common, and on top of this, we attended professional development sessions to further our knowledge about all aspects of the professional music environment. For instance, we watched an MSO rehearsal and listened to orchestral management staff talk about their crucial role keeping orchestras running.

AYO was a wonderful time for me and I will keep the friends I have made, the memories and the experiences I had with me forever.

-Nick Miceli, Year 12