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Mr Damian Roff 

As the term nears to an end and holidays loom, we farewell two long standing teachers who have contributed significantly to O'Connor and to the lives of the students whom they have been outstanding educators. Mr David Lush has been a science teacher for over 30 years at O'Connor and Ms Melita Roach has been a music teacher here for close to 10 years.


Mr Lush has seen many changes at O'Connor. He has seen staff come and go and numerous cohorts complete their secondary education. As mentioned he has been in the Science faculty teaching Science to Years 7 to 10 and Biology to years 11 and 12. He has a reputation in class of an engaging story teller and students past and present will be familiar with tales of black panthers. His enthusiasm for science is contagious and fellow teachers as well as countless students have all benefited from his presence in the faculty. Mr Lush will also be remembered for his leadership positions at school including Year Leader of Learning and Sport Organiser. Mr Lush will also be remembered for his willingness to go above and beyond with co curricular activities. Many who have represented the College at Soccer would have enjoyed the tactics and wisdom given by Mr Lush as their coach. Most notably has been Mr Lush's contribution to the life of the College through physical activity involving weight training. Mr Lush has given up most of his lunch hours to supervise and mentor students in the weights room that he established. O'Connor today has an excellent weights facility that is a legacy of Mr Lush's efforts and time. Mr Lush is retiring. He has more than enough contributed to education and although we will miss him here we wish him well in his next chapter of his life.


Ms Melita Roache although leaving O'Connor will still be in the Armidale Diocese taking up a leadership role at St Philomena's in Moree. Ms Roach has served in the role of Leader of Learning for Creative and Performing Arts for nearly all her time here at O'Connor. She has coordinated countless musicals, performances, concerts and soirees giving opportunities to our students that have enriched their lives. Ms Roache has always thrived on the positive looking for new ways to engage, motivate and teach her students. She values professional development and works on the cutting edge of contemporary pedagogies. She is going to be a major asset to St Philomena's. Ms Roache over the last two years has had the dual responsibility of being the Religious Education Coordinator of which she has contributed significantly to the faith life of the College. Liturgies have been enlivened with the joyous sounds of the Beatitudes, O'Connor's own chapel band set up by Ms Roach. As with Mr Lush, Ms Roach will be difficult to replace but we wish her well educating more of our students in Moree.


Although a shorter tenure, Ms Dea Trigwell-Lindley has had a major impact on our students in English, HSIE, Careers and sport. Dea leaves this term as well and we wish this talented teacher a bright future.


Term 4 starts in busy fashion with the Year 7 camp to Lake keepit and even more significantly the HSC for our Year 12s. I wish them a productive holiday, good luck, a calm mind and a sense of perspective.

To all our students, have a restful and enjoyable break.


Mr Damian Roff

Assistant Principal - Learning and Wellbeing

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