Positive Behaviour Awards

Roundup of our Term 3 awards

So far throughout Term 3, we have given out in total 3095 positive acknowledgements – Green Compass posts. The top core values were Responsibility and Resilience, closely followed by Endeavour. 

 Weeks 1-2Weeks 3-4Weeks 5-6
Year 7192209329
Year 8335406429
Year 9125205204
Year 1097114187
Year 11427561
Year 12163534
 PointsEndeavourResilienceRespect Responsibility
Weeks 1-280753014815105
Weeks 3-410447391317498
Weeks 5-6124484416318205

During Term 3 our Green Post Raffles were held in Week 2, Week 4 and Week 6 and the following winners have been announced to receive their prize when we return to school. 

A huge congratulations to:
  • Year 7 - Hayley Beattie, Maximus McDonald, and Amelia Day
  • Year 8 - Lillian Heazlewood, Rowan O'Reilly, and Nicole Yang
  • Year 9 - Levi Keirl, Isabella Lawrence, and Jasmine Burton
  • Year 10 - Jackson White, Grace Bailey, and Kavi Goundar
  • Year 11 - Erin Gills, Madelene Hrkac, and Harrison Lusk
  • Year 12 - Rachael White, Charlotte Zeegers, and Isabella Le Miere.

It is fantastic to see so many of our students being accountable for their actions, constantly striving for excellence!