Help guides for VTAC Applications and school-leavers

It’s nearing that time of the year when some of our students will step foot on a new journey towards tertiary education. With University and TAFE applications open, we have prepared a helpful guide to support them in this journey.  

VTAC Applications Open 

2022 University & TAFE Applications have now opened through VTAC. The school conducted a VTAC Information Night for parents on 17 August 2021. Some important resources for the application process and different university programs have been displayed below.  


For assistance in completing the application and to maximise their chances of receiving and offer, students are suggested to book an appointment with Mr. Wesley Pfitzner or Mr. John Fitzgerald.  


School-leaving students 

Venturing out into the real world can be overwhelming, the quick help guide is a good resources for career advice and job applications once you leave school. A plethora of financial, mental and general support services are also provided.