School News 

Book Week

Book Week  5 

We have some exciting activities lined  up for Book Week. 

  1. Friday 25th of August After taking the roll, all classes will be heading to the gym for our book parade. The SRC executives Ethan and Lara will be on the lookout for the best costumes . The theme is "What I would like to be When I Grow Up".  The overall theme is Read, Grow, Inspire. Parents, family and friends all invited. 

       2. After the parade bring a picnic rug and do some shared reading with the school.                    Everyone is welcome to bring in their favourite childhood book and share it with                    different groups.  If it is raining we will sit in the gym. 


      3. Di has organised a fantastic library display....come and have a look and take part in               adding your leaf (with your favourite book or inspirational character written on it) to               the tree.


      4. Di has also organised a treasure hunt with the answers based on some of the Book               Week books. Always fun following the clues around the school to discover the                         answers to her cryptic questions. 


     5. After lunch we will have cross-age activities run by the teachers. This will involve                  looking at the books in more detail and then completing some activities so we have              new displays for the library. 


     6. After the activities Stephen/Suzie's class will be running the assembly and a                          representative from each group will introduce the activities they were involved in.                  Everybody is welcome. 


Wow.....lots to do and be involved in. 

Thank You

Thank you to Michelle Pollifrone who has very kindly donated a light, plants and shrimp for our fish tank at the Front Office. The students have been very keen to check out the new arrivals!

Waste Free Wednesdays

Waste Free Wednesdays is underway. It was fantastic seeing so many students bringing waste free lunchboxes and the excitement with students. Keep working hard to see if we can get to 100% waste free days! 


Congratulations to Alex's and Kelly's class who got the best results for Week 4. 


Please remember to reach our goals we are looking for:

  • Packing recess and lunch with no waste (no single-use packaging and wrapping) 
  • Only using reusable containers, like those below      


We know most families have reusable lunchbox containers at home and don’t expect anyone to buy anything new. Just use what you have. Beeswax wraps, small containers, bento boxes, sandwich containers all work well. And don't forget, fruit like banana and mandarins come with their very own compostable wrapping 🙂   

Each class will record the amount of lunch boxes waste-free each week, and the class with the least waste wins a prize at the end of term.  

We thank you for your support! 

The Green Team

Calling all artists and local businesses 

  • you could donate a piece of work to be auctioned off. 
  • you could donate a product to be auctioned off. 
  • you could donate food or wine. 
  • You could donate a voucher or experience at your venue.
  • you could offer a meal, tour or other experience at your business or venue that will be auctioned off.
  • you might like to donate directly to the fundraising activity or find another way of supporting the school with in-kind support throughout the year. 


If you are able to donate an artwork or other item, or help in other ways, please contact P and F at





CHECK: Covid measures 

Here are the current recommendations from the Department for Education:  

COVID safe measures

  • All students and staff must stay home if unwell, even mildly. If students become unwell at school, we are unable to care for them here and we will be contacting you to collect them asap. Please have a plan in place for someone who can collect your child within a half hour. 
  • We still need to record all cases of COVID; please let us know asap if your child tests positive by either RAT or PCR test. 
  • We will be maximising ventilation by leaving doors/windows open, using air conditioning and fans, and keeping doors and windows open. 
  • Adults will practise physical distancing where possible. 
  • We will continue to practise and promote hand and respiratory hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be provided for regular use, and disposable masks.
  • Students who have tested positive to Covid must stay home for 5 days from the date of the test. They can then return to school as long as they are free of symptoms. We ask siblings of students who have tested positive to wear a mask at school if they are able, to reduce the chance of infection. 

Face masks

  • Adults and children in Years 3-6 can choose to wear masks inside, to minimise the risk of infection; we are now leaving this up to individual discretion. 
  • If there is a known case in the family of a child in any class, we are encouraging the adults and children in that class to all wear masks during the infectious period. 

Pick up and drop off

  • In the morning please continue to drop children off at one of the entrances to the school grounds, and allow them to make their own way to their classrooms. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher, please make contact through the SeeSaw app. 
  • We are now welcoming families to come into the yard at the end of the day. Please come into the school grounds to wait rather than waiting in the roadway, for child safety. Thank you!