Wellbeing at QoP

Directed Play at Queen of Peace

Directed Play occurs each recess and lunchtime. Students are supported by a teacher in forming new friendships, learn how to build self-confidence and develop social capabilities.

A variety of directed play activities are available for students. This type of play fosters the development of the whole child and builds students cognitive, social, emotional and physical skills.  


All levels are invited to join and encouraged to attend when the outside hustle and bustle gets too much. Encourage your child to attend Directed Play throughout the week.

Responsible Behaviours!

This term, teachers and staff are handing out GOTCHA tickets when they see Responsible Behaviours.   To be responsible you can:

  • Ask an adult if you need help
  • Be an active learner
  • Be a role model
  • Take care of property and
  • Flush, wash, dry and say goodbye when in the toilet.

The class with the most GOTCHA tickets will be rewarded with hot chips.


"Why I Love Squishies!"

by Heidi

Squishy toys help children feel less worried and makes them feel calm whenever they squeeze or play with them.

This is how to make your own-

STEP 1. Open a balloon

STEP 2. Put a ball of playdough inside.

STEP 3. Tie a knot.

Now you have your own squishy toy!


- Marisa Te, Wellbeing Leader