From the Principal

Dear Queen of Peace Community,


I am currently writing this before the onslaught of Year 6 students emerge for breakfast after sleeping for a number of hours on camp. I’m not exactly sure how many hours but the day ahead will let us all know who slept and who didn’t. Going to the camp with our students has helped me get to know them better and have informal chats with them about how they are feeling about the transition from primary to secondary school. All the children have been really welcoming and open with me.


It has helped me reflect on the past three weeks. I have been very grateful for the welcome I have received from our children, parents, grandparents, carers and staff. It has made my beginning here at Queen of Peace an extremely positive experience. I thank you all for that. We are all part of a wonderful community that wants the best for all the children in our school…and that is something special.


As I’ve been in classrooms and met with year levels, I have told the children about my goals for them individually and for us as a school community. 


Our children are here to learn…but as parents, grandparents, carers, teachers, learning support officers and principals, we can’t do the learning for them. We can, however, provide all the support we are able to provide to ensure that each child grows, succeeds and flourishes. This works best when the community works together - letting the school know when things are going well and when you see that things could be improved. We value that feedback as we want the best possible learning environment for our children.


Our children have the right to be safe and to feel safe. Things will happen from time to time. That’s a characteristic of working in spaces that are full of people. All our children are on their learning journey as far as relationships and behaviour goes. As we continue to implement our Positive Behaviour for Learning approach, we are confident that all our children will develop the skills and attitude that supports this. We will continue to develop supports within the school to ensure we do all we can to promote safety and keep our children safe.


Our children have the right to leave school each day in a positive state of being. Our children need to have opportunities to experience joy, laughter, kindness and care during their school day. Our children need to be listened to and to feel that they have been listened to. We want them to feel good about their day when they greet you. 


I’m excited for the journey we are going on together and welcome you to join us to give your child and all children the best possible experience at Queen of Peace. 


Thank you to the members of the school community who attended the Parents & Friends’ Meeting on Monday evening. Our P&F are a great group of parents who want to help make our school a better place for our children and our families. Opportunities to build social connections amongst parents while working towards supporting the school are always valued. You are move than welcome to join the P&F and attend our meetings. There is some information in this newsletter about the upcoming Trivia Night. It should be a great evening for adults to have some fun, a few laughs and show how much useless information is in your heads. Please come along and support this great evening. 


As a school community, we will celebrate with our Year 6s and their families the Sacrament of Confirmation on Friday August 25. The sacraments are central to our Catholic identity and at Confirmation, our Confirmation candidates complete their initiation into the Church. It’s a wonderful occasion for the children, their families, our parish community and the staff who have worked with them and I know that many prayers will be said to support these children on their faith journey. 


Have an enjoyable weekend (I know I will sleep!).


Rod Sims