Numeracy Report 

Simple Ways Parents Can Help Their Child with Mathematics 


  • Look for shapes and patterns in real life
  • Have your child measure ingredients for a recipe you are making
  • Ask your child to explain the maths  skills he or she is working on in school
  • When helping your child with homework or school projects, ask him or her to explain how he or she got an answer
  • Help your child find some appropriate number problem solving games to play online
  • Play card or board games that involve counting patterns
  • Ask your child to count change at the supermarket, or to estimate the total cost while you are shopping
  • Compare:

Which is the tallest?

…the heaviest?

…the smallest?






…the fastest? 

…the hottest?

…the most expensive?





  • Have tools such as a ruler, a scale, a calculator, and a measuring tape available to use in your house
  • Encourage your child to track or graph scores or stats for a favourite sports team
  • Use dice to make a game out of practising maths facts

Point out ways maths is part of “real” life:

Money, computers, music, art, construction, cooking…

All around us, every day.










Kind Regards, 

Klaudia Jellis

Leader of Mathematics