From our Students,

Australian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads,

This year selected students from our year 5/6 cohort have been participating in the Australasian Problem Solving Mathematical Olympiads competition. The Olympiads consist of five separate contests, as well as practise papers, where the aim is for students to develop  important mathematical problem-solving skills. I would like to congratulate all the students who have taken part, they have worked extremely hard in preparing for each Olympiad and should be proud for what they have achieved. They completed their fifth and final contest this week and the five students who scored the highest average across all Olympiads will be awarded with medals next term. The participating students are:


Arel Liderman

Barak Shemesh

Riya Kanta

Shira Meltzer

Cedric Wetzels

Gabriel Thevenon

Gwendolyn Thiere

Juline Petitpierre

Laura Wong

Layla Baltagi

Louis Mulet

Louise Eymin-Petot-Tourtollet

Maya Shiferson

Yvan Johnston

Celestine Honorat

Claude Howard

Constance Roy

Curtis Carstairs

Mia Pettier

Sophia Dal Pra

Victoria Jahan


Well done everybody!

Katherine Keily



From our Preps,


What are you planning to do for the holidays?

We have made our own calendar of activities for the holidays. If you are looking for ideas, get inspiration from our work!

Alfie, Antoine, Aviva, Finlay, Heilani, Hugo, Isaac, Lea A, Lennie and Luca