Principal News

Dear Sacred Heart School Community


Absenteeism on Reports

By now those parents and guardians who were happy to access their child's report online through the parent portal, will have had the opportunity to read their child's report and gain an insight into their progress this semester. Some parents upon reading their child's report have noticed an inordinate amount of days recorded as absent. This has been an error on my part and I would like to apologize. The program that records our student's absenteeism introduced an icon "pandemic" for those students working from home. Unbeknownst to me, this was also recorded as an absenteeism. I am currently going back into the role for the period of "distance education" to correct this error. We will print off another copy of the page that shows each students correct level of absenteeism. Again my apologies.


A reminder to all parents who requested a hard copy of their child's report that it can be collected from the school office.


Parent Teacher Interviews

Despite the unusual circumstances we face, we would like to give all parents and guardians the opportunity to have a parent teacher interview next week. We understand that with "distance education", some parents have been in regular contact with their child's teacher and do not need an interview time. However parents and guardians who would like to met with their child's teacher can organise a meeting next Wednesday 4th August between 12.00 pm and 7.30 pm. Interviews will be conducted either by phone or online. Parents and guardians who wish to organise a meeting are asked to email their child's teacher/s, detailing mode of interview and a preferred time.



I would like to assure all parents and guardians that all Principals are receiving regular correspondence from Catholic Education Melbourne (CEM) notifying us about changes to protocols and procedures to ensure that our school community is kept as safe as possible. I am also in regular contact with my Principal Consultant from CEM and meet every couple of weeks with a cohort of Principals from the Northern Zone to share information and ideas. Please be assured that our Catholic Education system is working diligently to ensure our communities are safe and that our student learning is meeting our student's needs as best we can. 




A reminder about our pupil free day on Friday 14th August. On this day our staff will be preparing for our upcoming School Review.


Please stay safe everyone


Yours sincerely

Mark Tierney