Positive Climate for Learning

Grade 3 Learning Community

It’s time for….

BYOD in Grade 3!


Ten weeks into Grade 3 and we are all well and truly getting into the groove of things!  We knew that moving into Grade 3 would be great, but we keep finding more and more exciting parts…


One of our favourite things about Grade 3 is that we get to participate in the BYOD program.  What this means, is that when students bring along their iPads, get them signed up onto the school network and programs (thanks Lisa and Lachie!) and then get to use them across all areas of our learning.


So far, we have used them for…

  • Mathletics tasks and challenges
  • EPIC! Book Reading
  • Seesaw posting and activities
  • Dictionary.com to investigate word meanings
  • Auslan Sign Bank
  • Sounds Write App
  • Practising for NAPLAN

We have learnt to scan QR codes to direct us to websites, how to take clear photos for uploading and how to use our microphone to search for a word we might not know how to spell. We are going to start using programs for presenting our learning and getting creative. 


And the best of all…this is just the beginning!


We can’t wait to keep sharing our knowledge of using our devices as a learning tool. We hope you enjoy some pictures of us completing our Mathletics tasks!

Visual Art

Hi Everyone,


Term 1 has been fantastic in the Art room. Throughout this term, students have been keen to express their creativity. It has been a joy to see the enthusiastic faces every lesson. Well done ACS community!


In 2022, all students in Prep – Grade 6 will be participating in Visual Arts for 12 months. The Year 7-9 students will participate in a 6 month program of Visual Arts.


Within learning time, the year levels have been focusing on the following:



The Preps have had a cracking start in the Art room. As they are all experts in the colours of the rainbow, we have started exploring the term ROYGBIV and creating rainbow crazy hair faces. ROYGBIV is a word to help us remember the order of the rainbow. R for Red, O for Orange, Y for Yellow, G for Green, B for Blue, I for Indigo and V for Violet. All together they spell ROYGBIV. Students have created their faces using these colours and have attempted to write or colour using the ROYGBIV colour order.


Grade 1 and 2

Students in Grade 1 and Grade 2 have been exploring paper craft and mixed media artworks.  They started the year creating a paper relief astronaut floating over a mystery planet in space.  These artworks have focused on fine-motor skill development, colour blending and the visual art concept of proportion.


Grade 3 and 4

Students in Grade 3 and Grade 4 have been exploring the work of American artist Elizabeth St Hilare.  Her mixed media collage artworks have inspired students to create their own brightly coloured birch tree collages.  They have been focusing on colour blending to create a graduated effect and then painting their collaged elements to add interest and depth.


Grade 5 and 6

In Grade 5 and Grade 6, students have begun their year developing 2 layered artworks. The Grade 5s have created either a radial design self portrait or a pop art inspired self-portrait.  These self portraits use 1 layer of acetate and 1 layer of paper overlayed to create a visual feast.  The Grade 6s have been creating an ‘About Me’ Jumble.  This visual, themed puzzle explored wet on wet watercolour painting and negative and positive space.


Years 7 to 9

In Years 7 to 9, students have been exploring printmaking.  Students have been working on a radial design, creating a foam printing pate and brightly coloured paper to print on. These curved pattern designs will be stamped carefully to create a radial (round) printed artwork. Students are working on line, colour, pattern and balance throughout this piece.

Leanne Murray & Wendy Keating

Visual Arts teachers

Performing Art

Throughout this term the focus of Performing Arts been Dance and Drama.   It has been wonderful to students so engaged in both areas and especially pleasing to see some many students excited about their dance unit! 


Let’s take a look at what students got up to in their dance units. 



The Prep students have been focusing on copying and repeating simple dance movements and sequences. Prep students completed a dance piece to the song ‘Under the Sea’ from the Little Mermaid, where they then were challenged with the task to perform the number in class without the help of an adult. Students took this challenge on and were very successful in completing this challenge!  


Grade 1 and 2

The Grade 1 students have been focusing on locomotor and non- locomotor skills in their class dance routine ‘Dig a Little Deeper’ from Princess and the Frog. The Grade 2 students also completed this number but were focusing on body control and advancing their dance ability regarding safe dance practice. It has been wonderful to see both communities of students being so dedicated to their learning. 


Grade 3 and 4

The Dance unit for both the Grade 3 and Grade 4 was a process which enabled them to not only experience a group dance but also to learn how to embody a character. The Grade 3s worked on expression and character development, while the Grade 4s have worked on technique and control through there dance ‘It’s a Hard Knock Life’ from Annie.


Grade 5 and 6

In Grade 5 and Grade 6 we have developed our ability to not only dance as an individual but to work as team.  The classes are showing great progression and we are currently seeing partner dances and groups dances start to grow. The Grade 5 and 6 students had the opportunity to learn and develop the dance ‘Born to Hand Jive’ from Grease. The Grade 5s worked on their timing and accuracy in the dance while the Grade 6 students developed their ability to tell a story through dance. 


Secondary School

It’s been a wonderful term so far with the secondary students. They have all be working extremely hard on both dance and acting scenes from the musical ‘Beetlejuice’. It has been great to see all students get involved and try to really become their characters. We will continue to work on this next term.


Overall, all students are doing a great job in their Performing Arts classes. Keep performing everyone you’re doing a wonderful job!


Bec – Performing Arts teacher