Junior School

Year 1

Earlier this week, an Evacuation Drill provided the perfect opportunity to discuss Safety. With the excitement of the long walk to our safe space at the Tennis courts, the Year 1 students were seen to be encouraging each other and supporting those who were a little worried! After a discussion, the children realised there were many reasons why we might need to evacuate the building and how we prepare for it and the things we need to do. They were quick to close windows and doors, turning the lights off and lining up ever so quickly ready to head outdoors. Here are some of their thoughts:


"I think we did a very good job and I was brave even though I was a little bit scared".
"We don’t bring our bags when we evacuate the building".
"It was a practice and we had a bit of fun".
"We had lots and lots and lots of fun when we got to walk out of the classroom".
"We close the windows and shut the doors".
"There were lots and lots of people there".
"We were walking straight and following the teacher".


Kerry Snook

Year 1 Teacher

Year 2

It's been another exciting few weeks in Year 2! Students have virtually met their Pen Pals from a Year 3 class at Braitling Primary School in Alice Springs as they participated in a Zoom call. They have also written and received their first letters back from their Pen Pals and are very excited to write back and receive more. The Year 2 students have also practiced their computer and researching skills as they worked together to research local places as part of their Humanities unit, 'Connecting to Country'.


Alissa Griffin

Year 2 Teacher

Year 3

The Year 3 students explored the meaning of forgiveness and the effect of withholding it. Holding on to unforgiveness and resentment is like carrying a bag full of heavy books - they might not feel heavy at first, but they are difficult to carry around all the time and can stop you from doing the things you love. Some students couldn't even get up on their own if they fell because of the weight of the books! It's so much better to forgive and let go of the hurt. 


Carolyn McDonald

Year 3 Teacher

Year 4

We've had a wonderful start to the year with the Year 4 students competing in their very first Swimming Carnival. Congratulations to everyone for their participation, in particular a huge congratulations to Lucas for going on to represent King's College at the District finals and being awarded the age group champion, well done! Meanwhile back on planet Earth, we have been enjoying learning the sport of Archery as part of our smooth moves science unit. It has been great spending time learning how everyone ticks both in the classroom and in the yard. We are over half way through the term now and it looks like everyone has their learning boots on, working hard. This week we have welcomed Munenyasha to our class and pray that she has an amazing year at King's.


Steve Griffin & Christie Stephen

Assistant Head of Junior School | Junior School Teacher

Year 6

Year 6 have really been enjoying our Language Rotations that we do on Monday to Wednesday each week. In these, we rotate through six language activities over the three days. Each group does each task once over the three days. We Read to Self for one rotation and then in the next one we summarise what we have read, fine tuning our skills of picking out the main point in what we are reading. In this rotation we also email Mrs Robertson to let her know how we are going each week. 


For another rotation we work on our spelling words, segmenting them or unjumbling them, then we change to a choice of writing activities. The last rotation is when we work in our Cars and Stars groups with Mrs Robertson and improve our comprehension skills. After we work hard with her we then play spelling board games. This is probably the activity we like the most but the class works very steadily on all activities and enjoy most of the tasks they do.


Coral Robertson

Year 6 Teacher