3 - 6 News

Lizzie Tout 

Welcome Back!

This week the 3-6 Sub School has had an amazing week settling back into school life. Students are completing a 20 start back program with a focus on building stamina for learning and reconnecting with school life. 

Our students are to be commended for their amazing attitudes during both remote learning and their return to school week. Their dedication to their learning is something we should all be proud of, well done. As teachers we could not have had such a smooth transition to and out of remote learning without your support, understanding and guidance of our students, we would also like to thank you all for your dedication to your children’s learning. 

Across the next three weeks students will be engaging with hand on and outdoor activities, please ensure that they are dressed appropriately. Lots of students are wearing shorts and t-shirts. If you are having issues with providing uniform for your child, please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher for support. 

If you family borrowed iPads from the College during remote learning, now is the time to return them. Could you please begin sending them back to school, your child’s homeroom teacher will collect them. 

To end out the term our students in years 3-6 will be completing a poetry unit, please feel free to ask your children about the poems they are creating in class, it has been enjoyable reading the ones I have seen so far. 

I hope you have all enjoyed our 3-6 weekly updates, I will now be handing over the responsibility for this to our junior College captains and look forward to seeing their updates in the weeks to come. 

I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to our staff. Our amazing teachers and education support staff who are worked tirelessly to ensure that our students stayed connected during this unprecedented time. Thank you. 

Kind regards


Lizzie Tout 

3-6 Sub School Principal